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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tiger stacker, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. If anyone missed this try around 8pm on 4+1hr

    Apparently the militia chucked us out of Basra.
  2. Yeah I did. I found it quite worrying actually. If we are to take channel 4’s report as gospel then it would appear that Basra is now a less safe place now that is was in 2003.
  3. Was this before you were banned from the Naffi in Camp Charlie for being a sex pest :)?

    Oh and i got a Call from the RLC guys you were talking to at Barry.....The WO2 said you had much to say!
  4. As any fule kno - it wasn't the "militia" - it was the Iranians who chucked us out of Basra.

    To be specific: it was the Iranian Revolutionary Guard who 'chucked us out'; the same IRG that Ahmedinnerchappie puckers up to, parting both cheeks to ensure a better relationship with the electorate.

    All the nice photos and sync taken by MoD press wallahs of the tactical withdrawal were mere window dressing.

    IRAN, gents, IRAN is the biggie problem.