Channel 4 News in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by C4News, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. Hi from Channel 4 News.
    Our Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson has been embedded with troops in Afghanistan - his reports can be viewed on our website, including this account of his time with a bomb disposal unit:

    Alex has written a lot more about his experience here

    And his cameraman, Stuart Webb, gave this video blog

    We're interested in any feedback left here or on the Channel 4 News blogs.

    Thank you for reading/watching.
  2. You're slow off the mark. The ATO video was on ARRSE last week sometime.

    Best you try harder next time ;)
  3. Oh, dear: and any comments will appear as '..........highly-placed military sources said...........'??
  4. It would be the only chance for you to be mistaken for being "highly placed" within the military! :D
  5. Really? I thought I was, once........then again, I maybe mistaken.
  6. You're not anymore though :twisted:
  7. Gents,

    C4News has been around on Arrse for a very long time, either in the guise of the newsroom or various C4 journalists. As have BBC24 and others.

    They have always been very good in the past as regards naming Arrse as the source on some of their reports be it directly, or captions on reports.

  8. I'm guessing your a very grumpy "highly placed military source"? :twisted:

    Lighten up a bit............ well a lot :D

    Were only kidding with the guy!
  9. Well I for one thought that C4 News done a good job - for once!