Channel 4 hoist by their own Travellers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pigshyt_Freeman, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. The way the article keeps switching between "Gypsy" and "Gipsy" is a particular high point for a spelling Nazi like myself.
  2. Whatever next? People getting precious over being called a Taff, Scouse, Brummie, Paddy or Jock etc?

    This is a slippery slope!
  3. I reckon Channel 4 should pull the programme, ask for any appearance fees to be refunded and not even think of making another one.

    It'd be for the best...
  4. This is how I like my tinkers, bare chested, illegible and with women in boxing gloves :)

    Irish Gypsys - YouTube

    check out the 'Fonz' at 1:46..
  5. To ******* right. Drop it and drop it now. On pain of an aural death from the wife, I had to watch it the other night. Utter utter dreary shite.

    Incidentally, has the series ever touched on why Pikey's are downtrodden and mis-understood yet drive about in flash expensive cars and have huge amounts of disposiable income lying about for their trashy clothes and garish lifestyle?
  6. You know what they say ....

    Lie down with dogs , wake up with fleas .
  7. I hope HMRC are ensuring that all the money paid is taxed and collected in full!
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  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I the interests of balance perhaps the inclusionist moaners would like to see an equal amount of airtime devoted to the day-to-day antics of this proud and noble 'race'? When they are not on their 'best behaviour' for a wedding.

    1st episode - shitting in a hedge
    2nd episode - nicking stuff at night
    3rd episode - Tarmacing - the new slavery


    View attachment 64231
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  9. I'll never understand how it can be racism if most of the participants were bred, born, and reared in the UK and are therefore UK citizens. I have no sympathy for Channel 4 because they walked into it with their eyes wide open. These people are just waiting for their chance to do someone, or some organisation, over. They do not have the same moral values as others in society and the people at Channel 4 should have listened to the little voice. The one that kept whispering, "Never trust a pikey".
  10. Ahh, but as we all know went his Highness the Emperor speaks we are all bound to listen and take heed of his wise advice.
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  11. Some hope ...
  12. Starting with the dress maker harpy who, I'm sure, takes large piles of used notes to pay for the ridiculous dresses she turns out and may not necessarily put every penny of it through the books.
  13. HMRC would never ever dream of trying to haul these rat like people into any court let alone turn up on the sites and try to confiscate they're goods and chatels. But if one of us offended the tax man.........
  14. It's not racism when you tell it like you find it, for example - It has been my experience when dealing with pikeys that the majority are dishonest, arrogant, posturing, filthy, thieving cu**s! Introduce me to some who are pleasant, law abiding, tidy folk and my opinion will probably change, certainly wont be affected by what I watch on the box or read in the rags!