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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Big8810Cat, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. C4 are intending to make a drama about young soldiers returning from Iraq and their readjustment to life in the UK. However, for some reason the focus of the drama appears to include the soldiers concerned having 'Trophy photos' of detainees, ensuring I'm sure a degree of negativity towards these chaps instead of presenting them as the hero's they really are. I don't want to pre-judge the program but why do these media types insist on playing up the negative side of the Army and not celebrate their courage and professionalism?
  2. What annoys me is that these lads will be played by awfully nice young men from RADA, doing fake northern/cockney/scouse accents. They will also present them as "monsters" without giving due regard to what has made them dysfunctional, referring to PTSD and the inevitable high percentage of those who will not be reassimilated into the civilian population - remember that Bosnia thing??
  3. What, Warriors? I thought it was one of the most heroic portrayals of British soldiers in the 90's. One of the few mainstream exposures of the UN's incompetence on the ground as well. Just my two cents devalued by hyperinflation...
  4. Warriors was a good and rather acurate account of what we went through as members of UNPROFOR !
  5. I've got to agree with MNB, Warriors ranked with the BBCs Tumbledown in it's portrayal of the effects of service. British TV has overall been relatively good at producing compelling dramas on the subject. When it could be a****d, that is.

    Much as we might dislike it, would any portrayal of active service really be realistic without some muppet taking inappropriate photos? So long as they're not portrayed as slobbering over piles of severed ears, I don't think it will be a problem.
  6. Are "Tumbledown" or "Warriors" available to watch online?
  7. All tv and films portray squadies as muderous on the edge loonies who go out killing people, haunted by their past memorys....
  8. Yeh the media seems intent on representing squaddies as evil psycopaths or as people who are haunted by their past. They also only play the most negitive things about the army they can find.
  9. Soldier Soldier didnt ;-)

    mind you as an ex sapper one takes umbrage with the fact that the only time sappers were shown on that particular piece of tripe one was a wife beater and the other an AWOL Fraudster..gods teeth us muddy old engineers arent like that !!
  10. Just the oneset then
  11. Can't really comment until it goes on air. It could be a really interesting drama and help a lot with public understanding. Then again it could do totally the opposite...
  12. Warrior is an great film, in the way that is shows what really happened out there.

    my dad was in Bosina in the mid 90s.

  13. I fully agree with you about the cake and arrse party of working under UNPROFOR.

    "No no, you can't intervene with those Serbians ethically cleansing that Muslim village as its outside the current remit of operations.*"

    * I've not personally experienced that exact response but have had similarly daft UN approved ones. :x
  14. Ive read that its going to be based on accounts of soldiers and interviews with them, who have returned from Iraq.
  15. The BBC are making a drama. There has to be a plot. That plot has to be dramatic. Soldiers, for example, painting an orphanage, digging water wells, whatever image some soldiers might wish to see, are of little interest to Joe Public and limit plot developement.
    Bit like The Sweeny without Regan and Carter. There has to be a renegade or someone who is just that bit off the norm. Even Tennant in that last case.