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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mentorn, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. I'm a producer at Mentorn TV, making a Channel 4 documentary about what it means to be in the TA. If you are or have been in the TA, drop me an email at

    Many thanks
  2. Has these posting been cleared with the Forum moderators first?
  3. Stand by for incoming.

    Nerve, optimism, stupidity and the obvious belief that the average squaddie is a mug!
  5. ARE YOU FOR REAL???????????????
  6. I thought TV researchers - even at Mentorn - were supposed to get off their arrses and do some very basic research for themselves before they expose themelves to ridicule by asking other people to do their work for them.

    The posting will have been written aby a twelve year old after a 'brainstorming' session on Charlotte Street.
  7. Edited out,'cos I was thinking of someone else.
  8. Feck arf and join up, find out for thee sen!
  9. Read Dusty Warriors by Richard Holmes. It's called research.

    If you want to speak to serving soldiers (TA or regular) then go through MOD press channels.
  10. Do keep up; Mentorn are in Fulham Palace Road now (or did you mean C4, they moved from Charlotte Street to Horseferry Road years ago (opposite the London Jocks). :wink: :roll: :lol:
  11. I grovel, O-B.

    Perhaps I could use 'Charlotte Street' in a kind of metaphorical sense; what with its tapas bars and trendy cocktail bars.
  12. This would be the same Channel 4 responsible for "The Mark of Cain"?

    I think you can go and p*ss up a rope.
  13. Sounds like a job for Pvt Golden. Someone needs to tell the full story, and this could be his chance to go global. Three years in the hot place, he's seen a bit, done a bit, knows the Hampden roar.

    It'll take tact, patience, and an understanding nature to draw him out of his shell. But you could be just the person to do it, Jenny. You might be able to track him down through 49 Para OCA.
  14. Jenny,

    provide a contact e-mail and you might get some replies
  15. Because asking on a site which although appealing to a military audience has no proof that people are on here are who they say they are like Caubeen, is doing your job properly yeah.

    So why don't you politely foxtrot oscar, do some work and do things properly.

    Try here you fcukwit