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I normally don't post materials from my inbox but didn't see this on any other thread. If I missed it than, MODS, do take this one down. It may be of interest to those who have just left or are in process. Please note that I have no connection with the organisation or group engaged in this work. Previous consultations with Channel 4 were for other projects and I am not now nor have I ever been an employee or compensated retainer.
[h=3]Fancy helping with a Channel 4 documentary on the resettlement process when leaving the armed forces?...[/h] Fancy helping with a Channel 4 documentary on the resettlement process when leaving the armed forces?...

We (True Vision Productions) are making a 1 hour documentary for Channel 4's Cutting Edge strand, we hope to follow several armed forces personnel as they move out of the forces and adjust to civilian life. We are looking to speak to a variety of people at this stage- who have either recently left the armed forces, or are going to be leaving in the next few months.

We want to show a cross section of characters- with different backgrounds and a range of Military experience. We hope to educate the public as to what it's like to make the transition, as well as explore some of the challenges individuals come up against when they leave.

Who We Are
True Vision is an independent production company which has been nominated for 15 BAFTAs in the last 7 years. We specialise in working with sensitive issues, and pride ourselves on our commitment to the long-term support of those who take part in our films. This is a relationship that we take very seriously indeed. You can see some of our work on our website Home Page | True Vision.

Should you be interested in finding out more, or potentially taking part, email Latisha at: with brief information on:
- your armed forces background
- whether you've recently left
- or when you are going to be leaving
- your rough plans for when you do leave. (or if you have already left- what you have been doing up until now, and other options you are going to be exploring).

Visit our website Forces Recruiting - Jobs and Training for Ex-Forces and Military to find out more and to send us your details.

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