Channel 4 courts controversy with mock Bush assassination

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. George Bush will no doubt be flapping; he clearly can't differentiate between fact and fiction.
  2. Two words have done more to prevent an assassination attempt on the 43rd President of the United States than all the Secret Service Agents, the armoured limos, multiple VH-3 helicopters and the ECM gear aboard Air Force One combined:

    President Cheney.

    It's also the sole reason I breathe a sign of relief every time Monkey-Boy is proclaimed to be in excellent health at his annual medical.
  3. Damned right, if Cheny gets unfettered control then we will see buckets of instant sunshine all over the middle East............mmmmmm hang on a min..
  4. With their grasp of geography that could mean Europe. East of Washington and a bit in the Middle :D
  5. The news of the film is just breaking in the States and its stirring things up!
  6. Tw@t deserves shooting. Is there a queue?
  7. Since fact often becomes fiction, maybe the opposite can happen too, but include Cheney!

  8. Wait until channel four bosses are arrested for incitement to terrorism!

    Then Piss your self, and repeat!
  9. Oh what a shame, it is Bush I personally dislike the rest of his foreign policy is ok. Any chance of a sequel, will the DVD have extra's such as "back and to the right, back and to the right,"
  10. how the fcuk does this cause controversy?

    This is another example of washingtons insecurity, FFS its not as though it hasn't crossed peoples minds.
  11. What do we think the betting is that none of the people creating a fuss about it have seen the program - or even any info beyond it involving a mock assasination of the 43rd President?
  12. I believe a Booty sniper can take shot from around 600 metres with a better than middling chance of success...
  13. Controversy????

    Looks like More Four are well tuned in to people's hearts and minds....
  14. Oswald (well, the shooter, who ever he was!) took out John F from 88yds and a moving target too.