Channel 4 calling all Bloggers!!

With kind permission from ARRSE administrators, I am posting here in the hope that some of you maybe interested in taking part in a new Channel 4 Education project aimed at teenagers agonising over which career path to take.

If you feel passionate about your profession, passionate enough to give an insiders view of what it is really like working day in day out in the army, then we’d like to hear from you.

Award-winning television company Twenty Twenty ( is developing an exciting new media project for Channel 4 Education and we wish to hear from people working in the Army.

Whether you’re a new recruit or a highly decorated soldier we want to give you the platform to write a regular eye-opening blog that will inform and possibly inspire British teenagers contemplating their first career steps.

Be assured your identity will remain confidential and anonymous meaning you can be candid about your experiences and thoughts, giving teenagers an insight they rarely receive from careers advisors.

If you’re interested or wish to know more please contact me (Kesh) by email keshk @, or call me on 07766 087405. All communications are treated in the strictest of confidence.


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Kesh said:
Award-winning television company... exciting new media project...
Why do we never hear from ignored television companies making turgid rehashes of boring media projects? They must be out there. Something like Reality TV, only done in Blog format?

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