Channel 4 = BNP TV?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steven, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. It seems that Channel 4 has upset our multi cultural citizens yet again.

    Still it is not all bad news.

  2. Strange how a couple of weeks ago C4 was the antichrist of television for exactly the opposite reason...indeed a week is a long time in politics but not as long as any period of time watching Celeb Big Brother I suspect?

  3. Hey, if thats what you feel, then say it. Fat people aren't a race are they and they are offensive...they stink!!

    Cheers Easy!
  4. Lucy Buchanan also looks better in a bikini than Jade Goody (Not that I'm shallow).
  5. Quote::
    "I don't appreciate how people come into our country and take over our country. Britain's really not Britain anymore. "

    Its not when you cant speak your mind
  6. It baffles me the outcry about this programme and Big Brother when I'm still waiting for the backlash about the Dispatches prog about the militants in the mosques.
  7. Lucy buchanan is a posh, skinny version of Jade Goody. I think they each illustrate that bigotry does not rely on class status. They also perfectly illustrate that beauty is indeed merely skin deep - whether you are a twig-bitch or a grampus.
  8. Backlash?, Don't you know that the Muslim management of ALL of the venues shown In Dispatches were "unaware that anti west/kuffar statements were going to be made" etc, therefore they are exempt from blame!??? Tsk. Now, back under the carpet with you...! Bunch of Cnuts!

    Cheers Easy!
  9. That's exactly my thinking aswell, must make me a Racist.
    So be it. You can't say anything anymore in your own country for fear of being racist.
    Said so many times before that this country gone down the pan because of people coming into the country and telling us what to do. Britain is a sh*t hole.
  10. Spot on point fella.
    Always a one sided thing.

    Just heard a few comments she has made. I can't see anything wrong about what she said about fat people. Lose the belly fat boy !!
  11. Picture, link???? who is this slag and is she worth a poke?
  12. Shipwreck Teams

    She's one of the Tigers
  13. lucy Buchanan
  14. From the website

    Q. WWhat's your worst habit?

    A. My worst habit is certainly the fact that I don't think before I speak. Also I judge too quickly and I generalise things a lot. For example I hated fat people

  15. So, lets not tackle the problem that people have opinions that may be judged as wrong, but lets blame anyone who lets this secret out.

    Channel 4 have done a good thing in having the guts to air this and prove that everybody has different views and wish to debate them, we don't necessarily agree with them, but they ahve a right to say it and debate it.

    A bastardised quote but "I don't like what you say but defend your right to say it"