Channel 4 - Beyond the pale or in the public interest

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baggins, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Yet again the media are using the excuse of the public interest to screen images that are deeply offensive and will cause upset to the family members concerned. The fact that they are members of the Royal Family should make no difference.

    As a member of the public I certainly have no interest in seeing the images.

    Thoughts anyone?


    Apologies if this has been picked up already, but a bit of a cr*p morning and wanted to unload on the media
  2. Don't watch it, then.

    And even if you did, you wouldn't see anything other than a doctor kneeling next to a blacked-out box. I've already seen the doc, and it really isn't that bad.
  3. The way I see it is imagine if it was YOUR mother in the picture. Would you find that acceptable?

    If not then what purpose is served by this ultimate breach of privacy?

    I won't be watching it, let the poor woman rest in peace for Gods sake.
  4. I'm sure you're right re the actual images and what can be seen/discerned Rumple. What grates is the throw away line of "in the public interest". Especially after William and Henry had asked them not to show the images. One wonders how the producer or controller of Ch4 would feel if the subject was their mother. While I won't be watching it, I would love to see companies withdrawing their adverts from the programme.
  5. And there is the problem. Nobody will. Anything Charles does brings her name up and the press have to trot it out every month or so for random reasons.

    Joe Public seem to have this misdirected sense of ownership over her and thus it will never go away!
  6. Interesting that national outrage occurs when Al Jiz shows footage that suggests it is of UK servicemens bodies, yet its ok for C4 to trot out images that will most certainly distress the living relatives in this case.
  7. Not just a boring story - she is the People's boring story

    I won't be watching, reading, or listening to any of it - so bolleaux to the lot of it.