Channel 4 Alternative Christmas Message by Gunner WO

Noted that he will not be broadcast at a time that will conflict with Her Majesty's Christmas message. Shame he could not go on straight after.
F**k me, haven't seen stocky in years, not sure what has suprised me more, him loosing an arm or being a WO2 :wink:

Hope the old buggers alright now and will make sure I watch that one
Have to say that it really suprised me.

Stocky (And his brother) were both in 18 Bty when I was in 32 Regt. Most of the guys I was in the JNCO's mess with at Larkhill are all at least S/Sgt or WO2 now.

Makes me feel old, and after hearing that speech, very proud and humble...

Well done, Stocky...
Thought WO2 Stockton spoke outstandingly! His manner, his confidence and his sentiment was first rate and will hopefully bring home to the everyone that saw it the point of his chat.

Though it really did disturb me to hear what the RMP had written home to his wife!!! Why on this green earth would anyone write such things to their loved ones and put them through the emotional turmoil that it'll cause? And to end it with "try not to worry too much"...WTF do you think the whole of the rest of the content of the letter is going to do?

Also have to ask...if the Irish Gdsmn was behaving as was described for so long before he was arrested, why didn't anyone at his unit or even his family start to look towards some professional help for him with PTSD? I know hindsight is always 20/20, but from what they say it was pretty apparent that all was not well for some time?
I met him at the 32 reunion in May, still has a sense of humour to be proud of! Lovely bloke.
Missed it unfortunately. Anyone know how we can see it?
Excellent. Thanks Sgtpepperband, i've just watched it and if anyone out there in joe public road needs reminding of what our lads and lasses go through we should make them watch this programme. Cheers.

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