Channel 4, 9 PM tonight


Ok i dont usually watch this kind of thing, but basically its a mlaar family that rely on their 12 yr old daughter to look after their 6 other children.

Fcuk me did i want to shoot the parents.
Daede said:
Ok i dont usually watch this kind of thing, but basically its a mlaar family that rely on their 12 yr old daughter to look after their 6 other children.

Fcuk me did i want to shoot the parents.

my mrs is close to tears and where are the fcuking social fcuking services now,leaving babies with shitty nappies for 8 hours,minging clothes,i know their fcuking blind but get those kids in care and i,ll put the 2 parents up against a fcuking wall!!! :threaten:


Bollocks to care, they can come live with me and the mrs and miniDaede.

How upsetting was watching them sleeping in their room? windows locked, toddlers on the carpet, sh1t everywhere, and the fcuking mother and father all happy to have another one!

Ive always thought that children are usually better off with their parents, but those kinds need to go into care, as in yesterday.

And that 14yr old boy is either going to grow up to be the next CEO of Microsoft / CO of the SAS, or a complete basket case. His mum was a lazy fat slag who wouldnt let a fcuking carer in to do the ironing and keep the house tidy!


War Hero
Got really wound up about this program. Blind Dad ? Fcuk off ! He could see enough to pour a pint and drive his electric wheelchair. But couldnt see enough to change the kids nappies. He also thought it was a great privelidge for his daughter to be a member of the young carers.Cnut.
But the icing on the cake was the 'not many girls her age have a trailer for there bike1.

Social worker dealing with this family should be put up against the wall.
Fcuking asylum seekers seem to have more rights than those kids.

As for the lad looking after mum. Watch out as Daede said OC SAS or in a bell tower with a rifle taking potshots at social workers


It was a disgrace to watch. The younger kids slept where they fell with the parents stepping over them. When asked did she know the baby was asleep face down on the floor "Oh yes, but he's got light coloured clothes on against the carpet so we dont tread on him". Incredible. Drinking lager and puffing on their fags all day but leaving the changing of the nappies to their two eldest girl when they got home from school, you could literally see the weight of the nappies from all the sh1t and p1ss.

The mother of the 14 year old boy, although maybe in pain was nothing but a selfish bitch with only a thought for herself. It was ALL about her and nothing about him. I hope he does go to Uni and she doesnt put a spanner in the works for him. Hopefully he will become CEO of Microsoft or CO of SAS or I fear she will drive him to drugs or killing someone (most likely her).


This has probably got to be one of the scariest things I've seen on telly for years. I have never seen muckier kids in my life. I'm convinced the babygros have never been near the inside of a washing machine. How Social Services hasn't become more involved is a complete mystery. It's admirable that the parents don't want to be too dependent on outside help but as far as I can see their only thoughts are for themselves and not the kids. Their thinking behind having loads of kids is that when they get older there'll be loads of children to look after them. Let's face it, if and when the poor buggers see the film back for themselves in 10 years time they'll run a mile screaming in the opposite direction. The eldest daughter looks about ready to end it all and I can hardly blame her.

The 14 year old boy was a star too. His mother didn't look exactly crippled and when he managed to stagger through the door with the week's supermarket shop she seemed more than happy to trot backwards and forwards to the fridge to make sure he'd supplied her with the appropriate amount of lard to keep her static for the next few days.


I couldnt actually sit and watch it all, had to keep changing chanels. I didnt know whether to be raging angry with the sorry excuse for parents (blind, NO, fecking lazy mong bastards, yes) or cry with pity for the two eldest girls.
Doc maker - "why do you have children?"
Mong parents - " so they look after you when we are old"

Presumabley they want the oldest girls to work themselves to the brink of suicide raising their younger siblings and then look after them ! Selfish, selfish bastards.
For gods sake take the kids off them, sterilise the couple, and let those girls enjoy whats left of their childhoods.

Alternatively let me have their new address and I'll pay them a visit with a spade. Two less benefit grabbing mongs about.


Didn't see the doc, just the advert. That pissed me off enough in itself, jesus christ they should be fcuking slapped for being stupid/selfish enough to have kids and then the kids taken away. Makes ya sick.


The best quote had to be the 'blind Dad' when asked if he thought it was OK that his daughters were looking after the babies. "It will be good practice for when they have families of their own". :frustrated:

FFS they already have your bl00dy family to deal with. No wonder the girl next door hung herself. Those girls have two ways out that I can see; run away or killing themselves. Personally with those mongy parents I would have killed myself a long time ago.

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