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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by barbarasson, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Martin Bell on the military covenant.
  2. That was almost unbearable to watch.

    It is clear that the Covenant is not being maintained by those who make political decisions.

    The most telling point, I think, was when Bell pointed out that none of those who now make those decisions have ever served.

    There is no alternative experience to that of Active Service.

    Once experienced never forgotten.

    Never experienced - never understood.
  3. Touching commentary by Bell. He made some very good points and was quite damning in his appointment of blame. I really do hope something is done soon.
  4. Holy Cow! Twigg was absolutely appalling. Complete dissimulation and almost entirely inarticulate.

    A great pity that Bell didn't get to grill Browne and those others skulking the backround.

    And weren't the Chelsea Pensioners so inspiring?
  5. It was good to see someone doing a documentry in support of our lads... but God, I wanted to shoot that t0sser of a politician at the end - why can't they give a straight answer??!! 'funding under review' does not equate to yes we can/no we can't increase funding- its more like funding is going to be cut.

    He didn't seem to realise the NHS cannot cater for military PTSD sufferers - purely because they will never have the right experience.

    Send the bloody lot of them to sandy places till they learn some common sense or are used as target practice. I really do dispair.
  6. Fantastic commentary by Martin Bell have to agree with the point above reference not a single minute of Service by any of our MPs disgusting in fact!!
  7. It is something that i have been talking to my buddies about in the last few weeks , The fact that politicians should do some sort of military service of some kind (Even just a month attatched to a Regt ) maybe in their summer recess . It would maybe then give them some insight to what we are actually about, as i cannot understand how politicians can make descions without knowing what they are talking about .
    I also thought Martin Bell put forward a excellent case, the politician at the end could not even look him in the eye ...
  8. Not strictly true, however the current government has never served. In answer to Boney2728, there are indeed a number of MPs who do that very thing. I can't remeber what they are called, however they are all Majors and get to visit many units.
  9. Fair points, Boney. Not exactly military service, but there is actually a scheme which is supposed to give MPs experience of/insight into the services, for precisely the reasons you give. A few MPs (but no Government Ministers) have served or even are current reservists, with service in Iraq or Afg.
  10. I know of MP's who have served but not in the govt . My opinion is that it is the decsion makers who should carry out this duty.

    Edited for not reading propley
  11. I was so incensed by the apathy show by Derek Twigg the Minister for veterans that I have emailed him to express my views on his management speak answers. Its interesting to note that on his web site one of his many hobbies and interests is Military History. Ironic don’t you think from a man who shows such blatant disrespect for those who have served their country.
  12. Twigg is a professional politician; a breed least capable of performing to the expectations of the public. On another thread it's noted that these brutes have voted themselves another trough of gravy (GBP10,000pa for setting up and running a website - each). Bell, on the other hand, is the very antithesis of that type, when you consider his political record. But he is a professional journalist, and one of the kind which gives me some confidence that the British media isn't completely awful. A very good piece. Let's hope that one of the gravy-sucking scumballs with a portfolio takes note.
  13. A powerful and very affecting piece of TV. Gives you renewed faith in the ability of Ch. 4 (even) to get it right sometimes.

    Martin Bell is a top bloke, and always has been. What a contrast with Twigg!
  14. But remember Derek Twigg keeps it all under "review"!
  15. I thought that Simon Weston's comment about 'not being able to recommend a military career these days' was very aposite.My son was looking into such a possibility,and quite keen.I think that I have disuaded him,which makes me very very sad,as he would-I think-make a very effective member of the military community.However if the politicos fail to kee their part of The Covenant,others will be disuaded too.Covenants work BOTH ways!