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Channel 4 19.00 131208 Iraq - The Legacy

Iraq - The Legacy

Peter Oborne returns to Iraq to investigate if it's safe for Western Forces to leave, and investigates whether the surge has worked.

Repeated at 2000 on 4+1
'The Legacy'

The legacy of 'Iraq' belongs to the deceitful, disgraced, devious 'Grinning Spiv' Bliar.

He launched, at the behest of the intellectually challenged and doubtfully elected, best - possibly only, friend Bush, an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation.

May he, and his equally undesirable and dishonest successor, burn in Hell!


Any "legacy" should focus on the human cost, and the numbers we've lost.
But maybe a smart move, converting (and paying) insurgents to be CLC's ?

Oborne just looks much more articulate than our illustrious Sec of State, don't he just?

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