Channel 4 19.00 131208 Iraq - The Legacy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. Iraq - The Legacy

    Peter Oborne returns to Iraq to investigate if it's safe for Western Forces to leave, and investigates whether the surge has worked.

    Repeated at 2000 on 4+1
  2. 'The Legacy'

    The legacy of 'Iraq' belongs to the deceitful, disgraced, devious 'Grinning Spiv' Bliar.

    He launched, at the behest of the intellectually challenged and doubtfully elected, best - possibly only, friend Bush, an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation.

    May he, and his equally undesirable and dishonest successor, burn in Hell!
  3. This looks to be about as objective as an Thatcher biography written by the NUM...
  4. I was thinking that. However the under lying message is sadly one of truth.
  5. First ad-break and Oborne is going fangs out
  6. Oborne get your fackin hat on straight
  7. Any "legacy" should focus on the human cost, and the numbers we've lost.
    But maybe a smart move, converting (and paying) insurgents to be CLC's ?

    Oborne just looks much more articulate than our illustrious Sec of State, don't he just?