changing your surname in the Army

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by luke, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. yes, it would have been much simpler to do it before I joined, but I was weak and lazy then...

    is this even possible? will I be hated by glasgow/the RAO for all eternity?

    I assume females change their names when they get married, or is that an exception?
  2. Yeah it is possible.

    A guy I know with the surname of ...lets say Brown... was the sole inheritor of £shedloads if he took his maternal grandfathers name, changed his name to something like Skwrovoskalitski.

    Didn't seem to be to much fuss made except he needed to buy a new set of name tags.

    It can be done but don't ask me how you go about it.

    "Oi You!" seemed to be my default name anyway.
  3. A long time I suspect - it took 17 years (and thousands of amended PAMPAS printouts) to have CofE taken off my details to be replaced by (ND) No Denomination!!

    Don't expect it to happen quickly.
  4. Without sounding flippant, after all you don't want to have your religion wrongly-represented, but your religion is a little more trivial than your name.
  5. Spent nearly four years with a female kid as my next of kin, a kid i might hasten to add I had never had???

  6. ...unless or until a christian (for example) is buried in a muslim or jewish cemetary!
  7. Lad in 31 Sigs changed his name by deed poll to Elvis Presley. Total tw*t but he did it legally and the regiment changed all the paperwork.
  8. Good drills-I shall now be known as Balthazar Zipstreudel
  9. .......It's the same God :wink:
  10. [​IMG]
  11. To answer the original post worked with a lad who had one of the more common surnames and was sick of getting mail, duties, etc that was for someone else and he decided enough was enough and changed his name.

    All he did was change his name officially then took all the paperwork to the admin office who sorted all his pay and docs.

    The fact that he made is name up and added some random middle names do not matter a jot.

    I know its got something to do with deed poll but I've no idea where you get the forms from however it amazing what you find online via google

    Deed Poll
  12. changed mine before i got back in...has caused allsorts of problems...namely PAY200
  13. I changed my surname way back in 1966 in the Far East.

    I asked my CO for permission to do this by "Deed Poll". He then got in touch with DALS (Legal Aid) in Singapore.

    On interview by DALS I was informed that a Deed Poll was not required and could be done with a "Statutory Declaration" in front of my Commanding Office.

    This was duly done, publish on Part 2 Ords. Had no problems then or since.

    The Original Declaration papers must be kept with your Birth cert., at all times and the reverse of you birth cert., annotated to that effect.

    Best to seek legal aid via DALS if there is still such a thing in the modern army. lol

    Hope that helps. No need to pay for Deed Poll, Stat Dec is free.


    ps = noticed the date so better late than never.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Just about exactly the same as I did via ALS in lisburn. I wanted to keep my army surname, (My ex stepdads) but all my civvy paperwork was my mums maiden name and I needed to use a bank, get married and do civvy things. Mine was stat dec and cost me £2.50 I think. No entry on Pt 2 orders otherwise I would have been charged for using wrong name for previous 7 years. Army ok about it but I have since lost all my papers but my passport used to be AKA former name but new version isnt so it is a bit academic. I too fought the records over denomination and had them withdraw my previous entry which I was too timid over as a reg and replace in TA as ND! Very apt!
  15. I seem to recall being in a unit (either Oznatraz or Fally, mid-90s) where that happened. I suspect it will have been the same chap.