Changing your chosen Trade at the end of Basic???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Shenda, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. I am due to start Basic at Pirbright in 3 weeks and at present I am going forward into the Signals regiment, however, I had originally applied for the intel corps but after being accepted at selection I returned to my careers officer who advised me I couldnt get into that regiment at this point as I didnt have the required gcse grades! ...
    Strange thing about this is at the beginning of my application my grades (as far as the computer system and advisor were concerned,) were perfectly fine for entry for this role.
    I am aware that the careers office reguarly push people into certin roles to hit figures and targets... but since then I have been told that at the near end of basic training I will be asked what trade I want to do and if anything has changed.... Is this the case?? and at this point if I explain my choice to be transferred to the intel corps instead is it frowned upon to change direction?
  2. If you pass selection, you would have to attend the Incorp selection board before starting basic anyway.
  3. Forastero

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    Absolute cobblers.
  5. Intelligence Corps? It's theonly regiment I can find where I can use my skills as a linguist as I currently have 7 languages under my belt. Unless someone can think of another trade?
  6. Sarcasm, my young friend :wink:

    And it is a Corps, not a Regiment
  7. Did you used to be a PTI??
  8. Complete phase 1 basic training, get to phase 2 and then change trades.
  9. appreciated ....
  10. What are your grades? you need 5 Cs that must include English Language. I know people that changed capbadges at the end of phase 1/start of phase 2 so its not immpossible.
  11. GCSE grades are not actually that important when you are in.
    I left sch at 15 with nothing. did Phs 1, got to ph2 and changed trades twice.
  12. While it is not recommended, there is a procedure in place during Phase 1 to change your cap badge / trade.

    It will involve interviews with you training team, the Regtl rep for your current cap badge and the rep for the cap badge you want to go in to in order to check you are suitable and everyone is happy.

    It does happen already to a certain extent therefore by no means unfeasible.
  13. ......unless you want to be a technician, RMP, OPMI, IT Engineer, Brickie, Sparky, Draughtsman, Geo Tech...... The lad wants to do something that requires 5 Cs, shit bust.
  14. I think you might find that grades are important to transfer to the Int Corps if you apply to transfer at or about phase 1 or 2. Transferees with quite a bit of service under their belt are a different matter.