Changing Vehicle Tracks?

Discussion in 'REME' started by mrdude, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys sorry to bother you.

    I am an ex-REME VM and have been a civvy for some time now. I have generally been working offshore on the oilrigs but I have decided to get a new job at home now so I can spend more time with my family. I have just been offered a job working for a building company and will be traveling around building sites servicing JCB's. I have a few questions though.

    As I was a vmb in the Army I never got to change tracks on the heavier equipment the Army has but I know generally how it's done.

    Could some kind reccy-mech or Vm-a give me a quick refresh on how this is done.

    Basically is there any tensioner that I need to slacken off before splitting the track? What part of the track gets split first? do I just drive the track off and when putting the track back on what's the easiest way.

    OK I know JCB's tracks might be a little different to tanks - but surely the principle is the same so hopefully someone here can help.

  2. Release tensioners, split tracks where it runs up to the idlers at the opposite end from the drive sprockets, drive vehicle off tracks..................easy peasy :)

    Sorry I thought you said remove, not change :lol:

    Don't ask me how to stop the runaway JCB or put the buggers back on again, I'm only a scalyback :twisted:
  3. When I come to split the track - do I just knock the track pin out with a punch - or do I need to clamp the track first to take the tension off the track pin?

  4. Any tank i have changed a track on i have always done it at the sprocket end, neutral turn or forward whatever stick to get as much slack under the sprocket so you can, handbrake on then knock the pin out. otherwise you end up with the weight of the track over the top rollers hanging on the track clamps.

    if you do it this way you sometimes dont even need track clamps and can crowbar the track up. CR2 and AS90 maybe not so as you need the clamps IIRC but 432, Warrior, Cheiftain and CRARRV you could.

    ill happily PM you details mate and would like to swap info on the rigs! im looking to go offshore, Ex VM(A)!
  5. slow down mate, get the workshop manual out, most firms have it all on disk these days, you dont want to make a c**t of your self on your first day good luck
  6. As long as you don't let both tracks go as one of our Mortar Platoon 432 teams did - watching their wagon roll down the vehicle park minus tracks and destroy our new steam cleaning bay!

    If any of you ex REME lot are looking for work in small craft marine engineering in the Southampton area then drop me a line as we (the Company I work for now) are after a mechanic interested in working on small boat engines.
  7. It depends what you want to do m8, there are loads of jobs here:

    There is also a newspaper out in Aberdeen called the press & journal which on a friday has loads of oil jobs.

    As a mechanic there are pretty much jobs every week working for service companys doing a variety of jobs - HGV mechanics are in much demand & it's fairly easy to get a job.

    Some places want you to have your own offshore survival course - but most companies will pay for it for you - you are best trying to get a job first to see if they will pay, and if not you can always pay for it yourself.

    The easiest job I had was working as a service engineer for a casing company as I only had to work if anything broke down - but nothing ever did so I got paid for sitting around and doing nothing - just being on call. I got to travel alot and spent a while in Sudan (north africa) and the middle east as well as south africa and the north see as well as norway and some other places. You can also work in Australia and the USA and Russia etc.
  8. "TRACK PIN"
  9. Armysurplus is about right, its a fcuking drivers job though VM's are far too valuable to be splitting tracks :roll:

    It will be a bit of a change watching a squatter trying to work on A or C kit :lol:
  10. Thats a bit rich......... Hello kettle this pot.......burn't arrse over...... :lol:
  11. Your stalking me arent you bully :cry: get back in the office boss :D

    check pm's 24A

  12. As a former "squatter" who spent 6 months on a FRT in Libya because there were no A Mechs available in 1961 (They bwere all sat in BAOR) I resemble that remark :D
  13. So you went where you were sent, the same as all of us..
  14. I was an armourer, and I've changed plenty of tracks! Where you posted.....cushtyville? ;)
  15. Where I was sentville. D--khead.