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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Barry123, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. Hello,
    I wanted to join the RE as carpenter but have found out there is no spaces till April 07!
    I have heard that if i start basic for a different trade ie plant operator there is a chance i can change trade if a carpenter drops out of training.
    This way i can start basic sooner.

    Is this a good idea??
  2. what being a "wood butcher" or a "mud muppet".........................simple answer is no.

  3. They are crying out for planties at the mo. A few years ago plantie courses were heavily over subscribed, with every course being full (i.e 15 students) and there were 10 courses a year. As a result planties were 140% overmanned so they stopped guys choosing Gods trade. Now the reverse is happening, not enough planties being recruited, 5 or 6 guys on a course.
    Plant Operator Mechanic is a good trade becuase:

    it gets you your B, BE, full C plus E, tracks and roller tickets

    the class 2 course is only 6 months so you get your pay rise sooner

    there is a quick turn around for class one training, normally 2 -3 years

    more responsibility (most class 2 tradesmen go straight into a field section where they have a corporal, a lance corporal and 6 other guys to guide them, tell them what to do etc. A class 2 planty goes off by themselves in a piece of equipment worth over £100000, no supervision, nobody telling you what to do. You are told where to dig and left to get on with it.)

    Plant has air con and fans, a real bonus when it is 50 degrees outside.

    Plant has heaters, a real bonus when it is - 20 degrees outside.

    You use your trade a lot more than any other artisan trade

    Hoped this has help you make up your mind. Ignore the chunkies, they are only jealous.
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  4. What plant has aircon?

    POM = Painters of Machines.
  5. do not go over to the dark side fella :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    stay true to the cause. be a sparks if you can although they are screaming out for fitters at present also.
  6. Cat 320 excavator and Duece I believe.
    Knocker is right, fitter is a good trade to have if you can stay in a support troop.
  7. I cant speak for the 320 but I'm sure the 318 doesn't. Are they not pretty much the same? I'm not being a co*k mate I'm genuinly suprised. Yeah fitter is a lovely trade. Plant_life is right, if you can be in workshops or a support troop. Fcuk being a fieldy (no disrespect chaps, too much hard work).
  8. 318 doesn't. But screw being in a 318 any way. I don't like them at all. Quite dangerous as inexperianced operators tend to uncut the bank when they are digging resulting in a nasty accident. They are pretty unstable at the best of times, tracking one to the quarry in Bagram wasn't fun. 318 is now a spec qual for ADR sqns as it FSDT. Most 320s do have AC, it is a god send. I didn't think you were being a c0ck so don't worry.
  9. Happy with that. do they have power sockets (the fag lighter types, like the JCBs)? Definately the place to charge your phone.
  10. Probably but I can't remember of the top of my head. The JCBs are a bag of testicles. No power and definatly not squaddie proof. All of the bottom of engine is unprotected as are a lot of hoses and cables. Going cross country over rough terrian in them is a no no. The best thing about the JCB is is the ancil pack. Anybody who was lucky enough to be by themselves and having to set up the forks on the old hydrema will understand. If that backplate was a one man lift I'd hate to see what Hydrema's idea of a two man lift is... maybe a bailey panel!!
  11. Plant life- One of my mates is a POM instructor at Chatham and the last course only had 5 blokes on it apparantly, shame really.
  12. were they the only 5 that could actually write their own name legibly then :?: :?: :?: :?:
  13. Edit: (sorry for thread hijack)

    I have been looking at POM as on option (among others) as my carrer choice.

    I have one or two questions about POM though:

    What do you do from day to day? To state the obviose yes you dig holes, but surely the army doesn't need that many holes? - what is your typical day?

    What are the typical postings? uk/germany? Do you often get posted to conflict areas such as Afganistan? - If so what are your duties likely to be in a place like that? Are there plenty of posting opportunities?

    Sorry for asking such **** questions, but the duties of a POM somewhat elude me as appossed to something like a VM - the info leaflets and website is not much help either.
  14. Day to day as a class two POM you will do maintenance of the kit normally. This can be basic stuff such as greasing the lifting rams to repairing an engine. Another class two plantie and I had to strip off all the parts that weren't standard to a mk 1 CET engine and fit them on a mk 4 engine so you can do some more challenging stuff if you like that sort of thing. Your troop management should organise regular days out digging. You may also have to support MT if they are short of drivers. You also go off and do other courses such as CET, 432 and CVRT driver. As a class one you normally get involved with the documentation side of things. As a class one you can also run sites. I've run more than a few plant stands for visiting CCF units and wives exercises!
    Normally first tour will be in Germany or the UK. You do get away a lot to Afghanistan etc. When on tour you do a lot of field defences such as HESCO. You do infastructure such as road construction. You produce stone in quarries. You operate tippers. I've done some other different tasks such as constructing a landing pad for a Mineseeker airship when I was in Kosovo the first time. If you are in an Airfield Damage Repair sqn you work a lot along side the RAF. As the name suggests your role is to fill up any bomb craters so the run way is usable again. Good luck in whatever trade you chose though.
  15. i think ftrs get a golden handshake of around 1000 quid i think aswell? plus all your driving quals aswell ( c, c+e and all that)