Changing Trades

Discussion in 'RLC' started by richie_n69, May 9, 2006.

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  1. I’m a Lcpl Driver Trade and I’m thinking about changing trades to Ammo Tech. Been in the army 8 years now and I’m getting a bit p$%sed off with the driver trade.
    Basically I wanted to hear from any one who’s changed trades, how easy it was, or any problems you had?!

    Cheers for your help.
  2. Call 94868 4591and ask for Johno, he did! and J is so ask him as well
  3. ok mate, ill get straight on to that!!!!!!
  4. I changed trades to from Sup Spec to AT a good few years ago. It was the best I ever did - and that was then. There has never been a better time to become an AT than now -certainly in terms of employment and promotion. Go for it, I say.
  5. 8O Yes - can we vote on this at the next AT Association AGM?

    You might think it was great but your legacy probably still haunts the car club at crazy K. 8O

  6. I changed trades from Dvr to AT at my 10 year point. Best move I ever made.

    Go for it, you better be FE though!!!!
  7. Im FE!!!
    why? whats the big deal
  8. Go and speak to your Tp Comd. He will interview you and generate a trade change form (these can be found in the form template section of AG web if I remember correctly)

    You will be interviewed by all and sundry and then, if you have suitable quals and pass the ATCAB and selection board, go through MCM Div and be re-traded via a Class 3 course.

    Thats how I dealt with a transfer in my old Tp so I think its all correct...maybe a check in the RHQ forum will provide more clues!

    Good luck Richie; its you against the red tape now!!!!
  9. cool, thanks foe the help. seen the RCMO today, and suprisingly he was very helpful!

    next question, how many courses a year are there and when are they? also the RCMO said i would have to complete a technical trade test(or something alone them lines) whats this invole?
  10. well i could be wrong, but, i think the technical trade test is just a maths test?

    at least, thats what the maths test at ADSC was called.

    then its a case of attending ATCAB for 2 days, here you will learn a bit about what happens, have a maths test, have a few discussions and then the interviews. you will then be given 1 of 3 recommendations, those 3 being A) Recommended B) Recommended At Risk and C) Not Recommended.

    the advisory board will tell you what you need to work on, if anything. Although they are just recommendations, and if you feel you still want to go for selection you can...

    selection last 3 days i think.

    and the course is 6 months...

    (sorry if anythings wrong, havent even gone through basic yet...although i am starting on the 22nd :) )
  11. Be a Rad Op ....2 boards to pick up on....and you get paid more.... just follow the advice as above...
  12. Yes Marky be a Rad Op, and learn FA about man managemant! then only have one chance to be an RSM. Unless you join the dark side (DVR) like the rest of your seniors are!
    Come on mate you've got to admit a good Rad op full screw is just like a lezza, exciting to talk too but f*ck all use!
  13. worked with rad ops befor, boring work. not for me ta