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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by chrisjackojackson, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. I am currently in phase 2 training wanting to transfer from RAC to RLC I've out my transfer in anyone know what my chances would be an whether the RLC have a lot of spaces at present any info would be appreciated thanks guys
  2. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    I would imagine your chances will be slim. Tere are not 'loads' of vacancies in any trade. How long have you been in Phase 2 and what has suddenly made you decide to change? What RLC trade are you looking to change too.
  3. I am currently in phase 2 at bovvi for the RAC but in phase one I requested to transfer to the RLC because logistics is what I mainly want to do.Every person in phase one that transfered were successful about ten in total. I couldn't get mine through in the end because my officer was always away on shooting comps or courses as I asked later on in the course. I have out my transfer letter in at the first week of phase 2 I have some people saying I have a good chance of transfer and others not even though every person on phase one were 100% successful with their transfer. I know I posted this yesterday but didn't get a chance to reply before the post was closed. I've also heard if you fight for it you can get your transfer? Anybody got any experience or know how this all works?? Ta guys
  4. Opened for now, we don't normally entertain these requests so don't be surprised to find it locked again.
  5. Okay thankyou
  6. You signed the Job Offer letter before attestation ....why should you get a chance to 're trade as you have already taken away someone else's possible start date in the RAC who will never get to join the Army. You say you wanted was the reason you joined as RAC to jump the queue as their were no vacancies in the RLC and you were too low down the awaiting allocations list.

    I'm hoping that all transfers whilst serving will soon be totally stopped ...that's why the job offer letter was introduced in April 2010 to stop the waste of money inflicted on those who try and cheat the haven't given your chosen job choice a chance yet.
  7. Because the RLC is what I want to do lad I enjoy what I do now bit there's not much transferable skills for when I come out. My point is you shouldn't have to do a job that you don't want to do. I tried to transfer in phase 1 like most others do everyone I know can re cap badge then. No need to get arsey lad and I'm pretty sure there's a lot of vacancies as the recruiting is still going strong
  8. Quick question .....did you sign a Job Offer letter saying you wanted to join the RAC and told your attesting Officer that is the job you wanted?
  9. "lad"?

    You shouldn't have to do a job you don't want to do? Then why accept it in the first place?
  10. Then, out of idle curisosity, how and why are you in that capbadge now?
  11. I thought this site was here to help and advise people not for people to get ratty at posts because their bored!! And ten lads in my platoon at basic re cap badged with no issues at all so this letter you supposedly sign makes no difference.
  12. This forum can assist some, for others there is no help. Remember this is not an official site, if a recruiter answers such as Iron and Sup Rec then listen to what is said, otherwise go through your chain of command and see how sympathetic they are!
  13. Fair enough but what's with the attitude that's all I'm saying unofficial or not being g arsey is not helping or advising people is it?? I was after advice not attitude but thank you anyway
  14. And that is where the system is totally wrong...if they re Capbadge due to eligibility reasons ...for instance RAC because of height or that there is a sudden change in numbers required due to Restructuring that is exceptable. However if its because some one suddenly has changed his mind and wants to try something difference or who has cheated the system to get a Phase 1 date quicker this is wrong.
    The ammount of training money that is wasted on those who decide they don't want to do the dream job they have told Recruiters. Senior recruiters and ADSO's plus the attesting Officer during the whole process. Suddenly before even going out into the Field Army and doing that job they have always wanted decide its not their ideal job and suddenly change their minds.

    So you either lied on all of your Recruiting interviews that RAC is the job you wanted and took the RAC job with the intension of trying to Re trade to RLC once in training........or.......have decided that RAC isn't for you without giving it a try ....which ever case there will be a lad who has been sat waiting patiently for a long time after passing ADSC who may never get that RAC place.