changing trade ?

passed selection and going to winchester in septmber. however not to the standerd required for the job i wanted. i was told that i would be able to retrade in phase 1. is this true?
sorry if this sounds stupid just want answers so i don't make a mistake. :|
after selection i took a place as reme armourer but i would much rater join the royal engineers as a equimpment mechanic.


Do you not sign a letter telling you that you can't transfer unless the Army want you to before you start training?
thank you :)
If I already choose to go in as an armourer would i be able to re do selection?
You cant do ADSC for two years as stuck with the grade you got, depends what you failed to get for your first choice...if it was TST then maybe but only your own Recruiter can sort that out for you. You sign a job offer letter prior to attestation stating you are very unlikely to change jobs once in (only if Army wants you to) so NO you cant change once in. Obviously you are going Junior Entry and places for Armourer and other trade related jobs are like gold must had showed a preference to it with your Recruiter / still have chance to ask to change the job choice if you are eligable for another job and if you put a good enough case forward your recruiter may speak to the ADSO but you more than likely find that you dont get a September intake. As said discuss with your Recruiter ASP

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