Changing Trade Within Corps

I know this general topic has been done before.
I know it's possible to retrade in training according to the posts I've read but I wanted to know whether its possible nowadays with so many people joining and courses being full etc.

By the way I'm joining RE

I changed my trade during basic and all it took was a chat with my section commander and then an interview with the PC. I am going back quite a while now so things might have changed. I would say it's definitely the easiest time to change though. You will find it a lot more difficult once you have completed basic and started phase two.
wedge35 said:
What are you joining as and what do you want to change to? And why?
I'm joining as Geo Tech, I want to change to a building trade within the RE preferably electrician or carpentry

I want to change because since saying yes to it based on what it said on the army website I've since heard that it involves doing the trade all the time and doesn't involve much combat engineering and which is one of the main reasons for me wanting to join the RE.
You've heard right - you'll do less combat engineering as a Geo Tech than virtually any other trade in the Corps. If combat engineering is your main interest and your trade isn't all that important to you then consider maximising your chances by offering to do any artisan trade course that they have a shortfall on. Relatively few people are streamed into artisan-trade specific roles so it'll be easy to spend virtually your entire career combat engineering if that's what you want. Once I'd left Chatham, I did my trade precisely twice in the years I spent in the Corps but dug more holes than you can shake a sh1tty stick at. If your sure that combat engineering is your thing, other trades to avoid are Resources Specialist, Driver, Signaller and Plant Operator. All of them will be employed on combat engineering tasks now and again but not half as often as ordinary section Sappers.
Cheers for the help

Do you think it would be better to try and change before P1 and have to wait a while for another job or go ahead with it and try to change when I start basic?

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