changing the guard

Is it popcorn time already?
WAH Shield up.

They are the two L/Cpls who are detailed as 'Escort to the Colour'. Once the Mounting Guard step foot outside of Barracks or the Royal Palaces into the streets where the Great Unwashed gather freely, the Guard Commander gives the order 'Out The Escort'. The two L/Cpls high port their rifles and double out to positions either side and in front of the Ensign holding the Colour. Their role is to act as deterrent and protect the Colour using force if required.

On entering Barracks or a Royal Palace the word of command 'In the Escort is given and the reverse happens.

WAH Shield down.
well there was one point when you all didnt know the answer too, until someone told you. so just give a clear answer? and ACAB i mean when they are actually marching to the destination, two soldiers from the back will run to the front and will later on march to the back again, what is the reason for it?
See above, I've amended my initial Mong reply now I know I've read the feckin question properly.
Was it cold in St. James' Park last night?
During the war, a prominent Tory grandee was caught in flagrante with a guardsman in St James Park. Fearing a scandal, a worried Chief Whip told Churchill, who thought for a moment and said 'It was cold last night'; 'Yes Prime Minister, well below freezing'. Further pause 'You have to admire the resilience of the British race'. End of the matter.

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