Changing styles of disaster reporting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Crash, Mar 9, 2017.

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  1. Yes, after some light applause and a cup of tea.
  2. Thatcher's death would not have been a tragedy, except perhaps for her family.
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  3. Well, that killed off the discussion...
  4. And a bit of bandaging by St John's Ambulance.
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  5. The turnout at her funeral gives the lie to that rather distasteful statement.
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  6. I was speculating the other day what would have happened if she had been killed...possible the Cold War would not have ended in the way it did. She was the one who established a rapport with Gorbachov and persuaded a rabidly skeptical Reagan to meet and engage with him. The rest, as they say, is history. But this is a thread drift.
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  7. She also was instrumental ( In Mandela's own words) in his release and ending apartheid - despite the current rewriting of history into she supported it.

    How many lives did that save
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  8. Ask Winnie....
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  9. Maybe I can get an "Informative" and a "Disagree", then I'll have a full house.

    Even got one of those now rare little "Bullshit" thingies. What a privilege.
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  10. Now you have some ROPs points too. Stop crayonning in a serious thread.
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  11. I blame the media outlets.All the 'news' channels desperate to feed the demands of 24 rolling news need something too fill their programmes.Sky News repeating the same stories every 15 minutes are a prime example.It may have been them that had live images of Hammond going to the Commons in a car to deliver the budget.The images came from their I assume very expensive helicopter.
    The online newspapers use social media 'stories' to fill their pages.Most of them seem guilty of this.
    Then we have reporters who have no idea what the subject matter of their story is, have clearly done no research and most annoyingly don't listen to the person they are interviewing.Plus the obligatory stupid question "So after having your leg blown off, how did that make you feel ?"
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  12. I might have phrased my comment about Thatcher flippantly, but it was a serious comment, as I believe she did lasting damage to British society. That's a view most people on here would disagree with, but it was meant seriously nonetheless. The actual death of Jo Cox was a genuine tragedy, as were the five deaths and 36 injuries that did occur in the Brighton bombing.
  13. The topic of this thread is 'Changing styles of disaster reporting'. Your comments were nothing to do with this, and they were out of place in a forum which is for serious discussion.

    Now, either stick to the topic, or don't post.
  14. Following the Ramstein air show disaster in August 1989, at the JHQ WOs & Sgts Mess the Summer Ball a week later the GSM announced at the opening of the doors that there was to be no music, in tribute to the victims. An order had come down from HQ BAOR, apparently, although nobody other than the GSM had seen or heard it. I've not seen much else closer to mutiny than the subsequent half-hour, which although there was no music, was anything but silent; eventually, the decision was made by most to decamp (with the booze, shrimps and beef) to various gardens around the camp. It was not felt that the order was appropriate, even if the Italians had managed to kill 70 spectators in the US zone.