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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by P.I.Staker, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. Bonjour.

    Can anyone tell me if I can change my Army application to a Navy one? I've got my date for ADSC and just come off a Chosen Man 2 course. I've decided I want to join the Navy instead after much mind wrangling. Don't care if I have to start right back at square one.
  2. Yes, you havent comitted yet so the army careers cant really do anything. Or just mong it at selection and fail it.
  3. You haven't signed up yet, so yes. Tell your recruiter, they'll cancel the application. Quite sure you'll have a new application process to go through.
  4. Yes - it does require a sex change though. Your buster browns will be removed and your 'biffin bridge' will be replaced with an axe wound.
  5. At least join the French Navy, they seem to have a carrier or two. Plus they're really good at waving.
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  6. Thanks guys couldn't find this info anywhere. Can they not just pass over my medical forms though? That took so bloody long to get over and done with!
  7. You do realise that there's a waiting list to join the RN?

    2/3 years plus, in a lot of cases.
  8. I can wait
  9. 2-3 years is a damn long time, I'd think about the many downsides to having such a long time frame of keeping your life on hold. May I ask what made you realise you wanted to go Navy instead of Army?
  10. Why bother posting? - Disco
  11. i was in the navy for 2years as a ETWE ( eletronic technican weapon engineer). an trust mei waited 18months to get in and my application was don so fast and i got a canceation at that, you should reall think what is it in the navy job wise you want to do and if u can do the same or similar job in the army or raf.
    i loved training in the navy was god fun phase 2 was a shable and pathetic, and chancesof getting a ship are so slim its crazy if you waa spend most of you career on land join up.
    you really should way u the pro's and con's
    from some 1 who serverd il giv you mine if they help
    spend alot of time on land so going out on piss is easy

    ships are cramped smely horrible thingsand god damn there cold air con on always
    long wait times to geta ship
    long wait tims to get in.
    uniforms make you look gay your shorts for on ship gay, your summer uniforms gay
    only bases are all down south so long windy cold boring days on base.
    pt is minimal

    from 2 years exerience alot of reasons i left an desided army is for me i love the out doors give me a whole to sleep in any day.
  12. EWT? Thought you had to be fairly smart for that?
    You don't spend too much time at the library, do you?
  13. try class rooms doing wirein maths and lots of it,, and yes you need to be i have 0 gcse's and my english is terrible haha. god no's how i got this job but im very hands on so that helped.
    and you'll spend all your tim at hms collingwood and its a dump of a place have to get a ferry to get any were .

  14. My ******* eyes are bleeding...............

  15. Can NO body spell KNOW?

    Twelve years of school at the taxpayer's expenses and this is the result. No wonder I decided to emigrate!
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