Changing Regiments

Hi all,

This is a new account but I've been a user for over a year now so I'll skip introductions, I opened this one simply to give myself some anonymouty since this is likely to be a sensitive subject.

Anyway I'm going through the CIC, and I'm quite liking it so far, I've had a bit of trouble getting along with some of the other recruits, mainly because they've discovered I'm not willing to get myself and everyone else in trouble by settling disputes with violence, and because they seem to resent anyone who's enthusiastic and upbeat about training. Being a commonwealth recruit I don't have any real ties to the regiment I'm joining, and although my Instructors are excellent and those few other recruits that are joining my regiment are OK, I'm still beginning to think I may have rushed my choice.

In particular I'm looking at changing to the PWRR because they're in two excellent locations, I lived in London for six months and I know people in the area. Would it be possible for me to change regiments mid-course, or do I have to wait until I'm futher along.
Many thanks for any advice that can be offered.
hiya mate,
it is possible, you need to submit an interview request form to your platoon commander, stating which regiment youd like to transfer to and reasons etc.
it would also be a good idea to find out who the regimental rep is at ITC for the PWRR and speak to them.
be prepared for some grief from your own regimental rep but if its what you want then stick to your guns and have valid reasons.
one thing i will say is ITC is different from battalion life, in your battalion there will be bigger, harder men than the dicks your with at the moment and they will sort them out, thats if they manage to get that far becasue your training team will weed them out or more likely they will jack.
what regiment are you going for?
what disputes didnt you sort out woth violence?
Spoonman, I agree with yorkie, don`t judge your regiment by a few crows goin` through training, wait until you get to battalion then decide. Its not imposible to re cap badge. i`d ever go as far to say that it`ll be offered to you, when/if you decide you`ve had enough of army life, and sign off. Good luck, matey & don`t let the b*st*ards grind yeh down!!!!

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