Changing regiments within the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dan909, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. I joined the TA because I wanted to be a part of the Army with the aim of going on operations in Afghanistan.

    Its took me well over 5 months to get to the situation where im ready for my training, (After numerous selections being cancelled and 'budget cut' excuses) only to be told, "well now the TA training is 3 solid weeks followed by 2 Weeks CIC" I knew I had to get two weeks off for CIC and planned on using my work holidays for that, but as expected my empoyer wont allow me 3 weeks leave (who can blame them).....

    So now im left with the option of do the 3 week block and loose my job (aint going to happen) or leave the Army and re-join when the weekend training comes back (August if I remember correctly) "if it comes back at all"

    Had I been told at the start before I even filled in an application form that training isnt being held on weekends any more I wouldnt have wasted my time.

    My question anyway is, If I get in touch with another unit (im looking towards 575 field squadron / 73 Royal Engineer regiment because its local) and they are doing slow track training still, Then do I have to start over again? I.E re-do selection / application ETC ETC or is it just a straight transfer?

    Finally, Im presuming with 575 field squadron / 73 Royal Engineers id be deployed on operations in Afghanistan?
  2. Which RTC would you be looking at?
  3. Donnington I think
  4. It sounds like who ever told you is talking about the various 'challenges' that RTCs run where the TSC(A/B & Inf) are all run as a block instead of over the w/es then followed by CIC.

    SUT(recruit) training on a w/e was never stopped during the recent fiasco, a fact that was stressed on more than one occasion.
  5. Units spouting shite.

    How unusual.

  6. Yeah, winter challenge 04-29th JAN or spring challenge 04-29th March (not exactly them dates but its in march)

    Apparantly those are "fast track" and "fast track" is the only option now, "slow track" (weekends) is no longer an option.

    Thats EXACTLY what ive been told by my unit.
  7. See my last.
  8. I saw it, But what am I supposed to do about my unit "spouting shite" as you so elegantly put it lol

    As I see it I have two options, A leave my unit until they decide to ring me and say weekends are back on or change units?
  9. .

    They may, of course decide not to ring you as you turned down the training opportunities that they (rightly or wrongly) presented you with.

    A few things to consider:

    1. As I understand it, the Infantry (TA and Reg) are oversubscribed.
    2. Despite what some of our full-time brethren may think, (useful) reserve service requires considerable effort, dedication and sacrifice, especially at the stage you are at now.
    3. As a SUT you are no use to anyone and therefore unfortunately just have to deal with the options presented to you. If it helps, these things tend to work in swings and roundabouts and you may well find that in the future the cards are stacked in your favour.
    4. Bear in mind that trade courses for corps may well have long waiting lists. In my lot you are considered to have sped through the process if you are trade trained within a year of attestation.

    Not having a go, just stating the facts as I see 'em.
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  10. Yeah, that makes sense, But what is the point in having a territorial army in which people who are members also have full time jobs if the people with full time jobs can no longer join due to them not being able to complete training (through no fault of their own) It seems to me the TA isnt a reservists army any more its a cheap alternative to the goverment as a replacement for regs.

    If that makes sense?
  11. Have you explained all this to the unit and asked if they can delay your recruits training until the weekends come back, because of work? Surely if you made clear that you'd still attend drill nights and take part in all other training that you can (restricted as an SUT but some is still available), they shouldn't have too big a problem?

    I've been in 18 months now and my trade course still isn't til April!

    Edited because of over-enthusiastic comma'ing.
  12. Nail. Head.
  13. I suggest checking with your units training team and confirm that your local RTC is not running TSC(A/Inf) weekends except for these two challenges which is a bit late since the first is due to start this week!

    I find it extremely hard to believe that this is the case. Our courses resume as of this w/e with no challenge until March (TFFT) but each Bde to their own I s'pose.

    We have had cases where units 'encouraged' thier SUT to do the challenge as the better option.

    Can any other Instructors shed light on this?
  14. Thats my option, but the words that came with it were "IF" weekends come back.
  15. Who, exactly, told you this? Your PSI?