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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mikey-21, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. was just wondering, ive heard people say different things, how easy is it to transfer from 1 regiment to another? and how would you go about it
  2. Considering you've not even joined the army yet, I'd say it's quite easy.
  3. i wouldnt have asked the question if there wasnt a reason, i always wanted to join the engineers but im going for the signals because of the trade being offered, pretty sure i wont need to change regiment but if i dont like the signals (hopefully not) i would probably want the engineers.
  4. So you want to change Corps, then not Regiments???

    I think you should be a little more positive about what job you want at this stage.
    Its the start of your career????
  5. I'm not 100% certain on this, but I'm sure there's a minimum amount of time you have to serve after completing training within certain CEG's. Otherwise people would join the army, change trades 5 times in order to get masses of varying quals under their belt, and then bugger off back to civvy street.

    You sound like you don't know what you want. If you pick a job you don't like the sound of purely for the qualifications, chances are you won't enjoy your job at all. Pick the job you want to do. Quals mean nothing if you have no experience of using them.
  6. what about changing battalions? how easy is that?
  7. Exactly the reason i picked the infantry, i want to be an infantryman until i have to go over corps and get some qualifications for civvi street, that way ill only be in a job i hate for the minimum amount of time, looking forward to long career in the army with lots of opportunities for learning (aslong as they want me of course). :D
  8. Yeah you could probably retrade a year before you intend to leave, get the quals and then get out knowing everything you need about that trade. :roll:
  9. Im not that naive to think i can do it a year before leaving the army, i know im going to have to spend at least 4 years in a trade regiment learning the skills im going to need for civvi street, just so happens im 1/2 through a comptia A+ computer mechanics course which ill be completing during my service (as its a home college study).
  10. On paper you have a point.

    However, I was a f*cking airhead when I joined, little plan in my head, 22 year man me guv, training, general duties, SQ, Recce Troop, Brigade Patrol Troop, SBS, out at 38 and straight up Everest and onto the freefall curcuit.

    18 months later I was a regular pitswamper, more scars on my hands than a tin miner and was forever tapping my heels for whatever minor infraction I had commited the previous week.

    By all means have a loose plan, but a year from now it will all look significantly different mate.

  11. That sounds exactly like me (except the SBS bit as im far too old for that now) Ill take on board what you've said mate and your words will stay with me, nothing speaks like experience after all.

    Cheers mate

  12. You can request a transfer from batallion every 2 years if you wish.
  13. You can request anything you like once you are in the Army, but the answer can also be a firm 'no' to whatever you ask too ;)

    You may find that they allow you the possibility of changing Corps or trade rather than lose a trained soldier but it would only happen the once so get rid of any ideas that you may have about chopping and changing your mind whenever the mood suits you :)
  14. When i was on chosen man the rifles staff said you could do something called a 'PPP' every 2 years but that would be subject to requirements obviously.
  15. join the regiment or corps you want to join and not because what the job will offer you when you leave the Army.