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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by sherminator, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi this is my first time posting on the forums

    I've used the search function but could not find anything close enough to the advice i needed.
    I am only 16 and my mum has always been against me joining the army and only agreed to sign the forms if i went to reme or re to get a trade but i always wanted infantry so i was wondering could i change during the selection process without my mum finding out or would it be possible to change during phase 1-2
  2. It would be possible to do it, but to be honest mate, it would be a better idea to be straight up and honest with your mum that u want to go infantry, and there are plenty of reasons to go infantry rather than go to a corps. Also, i think being 16 you would go to Army Foundation College Harrogate, and I think you do not make your final choice of regiment / corps till some point in your training. If you need to know anything else PM me
  3. cheers for the quick reply i suppose you're right its just the thought of the weeks of arguing that will follow thanks for the advice
  4. Haha yeah mate, been there and done that! Most of my infantry mates have too, but once you are in the infantry there are plenty of jobs that you can do that are just as good as getting a trade, for example I was told about the Driver, IT and Engineering apprenticeships that they run in the Scots Guards. All the arguments will be worth it if its going to be your career for the rest of your life, you need to be happy! But as far as i know even if u go to AFC Harrogate with a shit capbadge, you would be able to change to Infantry assuming your fitness is good enough, when it comes to your final capbadge choice. Maybe someone who has been to AFC(H) could confirm this for you? Or just ask at your careers office!
  5. lol i knew i wasn't alone
    i never knew the scots guards put you through apprenticeships
    im going to the careers office tommorow or should i say today so ill asak then cheers again for the helpful advice
  6. no problems, let us know how u get on
  7. Define sh*t capbadge, mate, because you'll be coming in for a lot of flak very soon. A capbadge is a capbadge, all as good as each other and all as useless without, each having their own identity and pride. You haven't even passed selection/basic training/phase one and you're already gobbing off.
  8. just out of being nosey, what infantry regiment do you fancy mate?
  9. Sigh,

    I really hate to burst your bubble here but i have to tell it like it is, and as a recruiter i can't actually sit back and just giggle about that statement without letting you know that you are in for a shock ;)

    It doesnt happen, you join the Infantry and the only apprenticeship and trade you are going to get is your infantry training in the short term and how to use various other equipments that the infantry use as part of their job, it is not a trade and it is miles apart from what civilians consider to be a trade.

    Driving an armoured vehicle, a truck or any other military vehicle is not a trade, nor is operating a section or platoon level radio and in terms of engineering you will get the basics if you end up working with the assault pioneers, but we are talking basics ;)

    What you need to do is decide if you want Infantry because of the lifestyle, that is what makes the Infantry, it certainly isnt for the money or the rewards, its for the job they do and the life they lead and the mates they make ;)

    As for your Mum, just bear in mind that up until the age of 18 she can pull you out of the Army if she wants, she has that right until you are 18 and i have seen it happen where a parent has kicked off because young Johnny wasnt up front about what he was going to be doing, if you lie to your parents then how is that going to look later on if she finds out and decides to pull you out of training ;)

    If you put your case forward properly to your Mum and get your recruiter to talk things through with her, then you might gain more respect and understanding and ultimately more support whilst you are in training ;)
  10. Why do you want to join the infantry? Is it the glamour of CQ with the Taliban in Afghan? If so believe me this just isn't confined to the infantry nowadays. There are plenty of trade trained corps personnel taking part in various patrols\actions albeit maybe not on a day to day basis.

    However there are certian trades that would bring you closer to that sort of thing than others i.e. Combat Engineer RE, Comms Sys Op R SIGS as opposed to a Sup Spec in the RLC. Once you have a trade in a corps you could volunteer for there 16 Air Assault attached unit i.e. 9 Sqn RE, 216 Para Sigs where more 'infantry' soldiering usually takes place or even the SRR.
  11. Can't see you doing very well in training with this attitude. You have a lot to learn.

    I would also like to know where you got your information from!! Can't recall the infantry doing IT and engineering apprenticeships, thats left to the big boys like me that wear a 'Shite capbadge' in the Signals, Engineers and REME! unless you can proove me wrong?
  12. The term "shit capbadge" wasn't meant to offend anyone and if it has i apologise!! I understand that every regiment has its own part to play in the grand scheme of things!

    With regards to the apprenticeships, apparently when you get to Battalion (1SGs), some of the courses that you can do are run as apprenticeships, with civilians that come in to accredit them, I know that being a driver offered a driving apprenticeship, and being a signaller an IT apprenticeship, engineering was also mentioned.

    This was from a LE Officer from 1st Battalion Scots Guards.

    If I have got my wires crossed or misunderstood anything then I do apologise
  13. I hate to say it, but that is merely a recruiting tool used by the Battalion then, ask yourself, what on earth would a driver do as an apprenticeship??

    You pass your test you are a driver, thats it

    And as far as IT etc goes, the only people that get the level of training involved in an apprenticeship is Royal Signals, and even then whilst most of the training is civilian accredited, it isnt an apprenticeship ;)
  14. Just passing on the information I was given, not much more I can say until I get to Battalion!
  15. At Harrogate you make your final choice of regiment / corp around 21 week mark, my dad has been cool about me joining and my mum okay ish if it is really want you want then you should be honest and up front. My first two choices when I first told my parents was intelligence corp, or signals command, then I announced during ross kemp in afghanistan that I wanted to join the infantry, wasnt the best time, got a right bollocking from my dad :eek: in true ex army style :D