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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Asherz, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. basically as i mentioned in another thread i had to come home from an intake course for coldstream guards as i hurt my leg trapped nerve or something or another my mums says whos a nurse at l.r.i . anyway i have to wait 3-6 months now and re-take coldstream guards course before my recruiter will put me in for selection for r.a.c. should this be as i want to join the r.a.c and my recruiter did say and i`ll make a point of it that " it will not affect your selection its just an insite into the army*

    now months of hard work i feel have been thrown away. I WANT to join 9/12 lancers and i feel as though he only sent me on that course so he can get me in coldstream guards and i have no intention of joining artilery?

    and help or info would be great appriciated.
  2. Join the one you want to join right from the beginning as you won't be changing when you are in. Absolutely no chance.

    Unless you are an utter and complete mong in which case they'll be glad to get rid of you. If that does happen then keep your eyes open as you will be able to see heaven and earth being moved.
  3. so i should just go down the afco 2moz and ask to change recruiters to the 9/12 recruiter?!?. i can bang out a 11 min run near enough so thatd good enough for r.a.c so i dont see why i should have to wait 6 months to join my chosen reg !!!
  4. Going back a bit, when I joined up, if the Sgt behind the desk was from the guards he would 'encourage' you into the guards if he thought you were OK and anywhere else if he didn't think you were good enough. He wouldn't want to water down the quality of his regiment/corps/whatever.
    Or, they would recruit locally. F'rinstance, if you were from Liverpool and wanted to join the infantry, you would be 'encouraged' into the Kings Regiment. OK so far?

    I don't suppose that it matters who see's you as it is their job to get people such as yourself in and to a degree, no matter what. Just let it be politely known that you want to join the 9/12 Lancers because a) it's what you want to do and b) you want to be happy doing it so that you'll want to stay in. Getting beasted for nothing really hurts - doing it to get to where you want to go is a different matter.

    The Army has a bit of a retention problem at the moment so use it to your advantage. Thinking about it, that might be bad advice...

    Can I ask why the 9/12 ?
  5. is 9/12l yr local rac regiment?
  6. yeh 9/12 hq is 2 miles down the road always remember when i was a little lad seeing officers and/or soldiers walking about the place and once saw a tank coming out of tigers road on a low loader....instandly said mummy daddy i want to drive that when i`m older. now i feel as though because i came home from this course because of injury i am being punished. my fitness is good i can bang out the 1.5 mile run do the sit ups and press ups i`m not to far off. i dont see why because of going there with a bad back then hurting my leg doing assault course after jumping of the wooden beams i should be held back 6 months. its really what i want to do but i am jobless 22 yrs old and need some stability in my life now.
  7. should i appeal my defferal for 6 months. as i am fairly confident i am fit enough for royal armoured corps. i just find it harsh you get marked up for picking up a injury on a assault course which has put me back 6 months as it stands now
  8. You wanna join the RLC then.
  9. Nothing to do with being just down the road from your house then?
  10. i pointed at the tank =)
  11. infantry even. hq is just down road from home but soliders aint based there there based in hohne in germany so it dont matter were it is.
  12. What are you actually joining Asherz? Mercian, R.Anglian, or 9/12th? Your recruiter has probably gave you 6 months so you can actually make your mind up!
  13. going for 9/12 lancers made that clear to him on the phone. i should of never went on that cuntin course.