Changing OC leads to big changes in attitude

Some time ago I posted on my sons ACF unit and that their OC, having asked for 30 sets of PLCE, was marking my sons uniform turn out down.

I obtained some sleeping bags for the unit, Dutch military (I found them 8) ) but when my son took them in she said they were not needed. 30 sets of PLCE or nothing. At the next weekend she didn't have enough sleeping bags for the cadets and I had kids coming up to me at the gate asking if I could lend them one, which I did.

Anyway she has moved on and the sleeping bags accepted by the unit, my sons marks for his turn out have improved dramatically as well.

Apparently one of the last things she did was to tell an AI not to come back to the unit and the new Detachment Commander has been trying to get the chap to return.

I think the cadets are a brilliant organisation and my son is having a fantastic time but the quality of the instructors seems to vary quite considerably.

As for finding the 30 sets of PLCE well I am getting there slowly but surely.

i agree heartily. At the weekend there were a lot of cadets mooching around camp, and the thing that stood out was the instructors. Although I have no doubt that they contained the normal percentage of thieving scrotes the cadets were smart, polite (no F[[king around in the cookhouse) and generally unobstrusive. However, some of their AI/PI/officers/NCOs (including some who it was unclear if they were cadets or adults) were rather a mixed bunch.

The cadets were being loudly bollokced at times (not putting beret on instantaneously when leaving cook house etc).

Cadets being marched around by female instructors loafing about at the rear trying to stop arrses falling out of trousers.

What was particularly galling was that immediately after an nco was bollokcing a group of cdets for being sloppy, a group of 6 non-cadet officers (of 'her' cap badge!)walked past her (broad daylight, clear rank slides) without receiving a salute or any recognition.

I have seen this in the CCF too. Although 'bullsh1t' can be an approach that works with initial entrant cadets (as it does make point that the cadets are 'different' to other youth activities), what it does not do is give good examples for these cadets to follow, and this creates a dearth of cadet ncos.
Hi Guys,

Ive been in the acf now since 1992 and have seen alot of changes, and as you mentioned the ACF is an amazing organisationa and does change kids lives, I am not ex military or TA however i was a cadet i try to maintain a normal outllook as i do in every other aspect of my live and thats lead by example, im constantly seeing ACF adults shouting at cadets and telling them to do somthing which they would not do themselfs, It does frustrate me and what i believe is we are paid £50 a day to teach and ensure cadets are giving the best instruction possible and this doesnt happen, And the worst bit is the cadets in a lot of cases know more that the adults....Hopefully the ACF instructors that are in it for the right reasons outway the others...

It seems that justice has been done in this case, And her weakneses have been noticed im sure this detachment will proseper now under the correct command and your son with it.