Changing my user name?


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You have only 3 posts to your name. Just open a new account in a new name that doesn't identify you.
Repeat the username you want 100 times on a full moon whilst strangling a pigeon and it will change.
You had to bring pigeons in to this didn't you? Couldn't have been a baby or something irrelevent- you had to make it personal.
Legs already has a sockpuppet, he uses it to carry on posting after carrying out the "attention seeking huff" manoeuvre.
Ah! I remember that thread fondly. He fled from the internet with cries of "Tyranny!" and then returned a week later to state how he'd been chased from the site by bullying. More clicking of like was there from the belmers, weak of comeback and professional weepy types.

Until a handsome KoR rode forth and pointed out that Jack of Duckworth had started another account the very same night it had said it would flee from Internetshire and that the new callsign had not been bullied one teensy weensy bit because it didn't attention seek like say, err, starting a thread about being bullied from the internet.

The semi-sentient flat pack wall unit.
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