Changing location just before Interview 3.

I'm currently at the point of booking interview 3. (just before selection). I was based in Bristol when I made my application, but have since moved to Cirencester, and will be moving up to Swindon next month. My predicament is traveling expenses. I have no means of transportation, and to get to Bristol from Cirencester, it's either doing a bus to Swindon and then to Bristol, or a train. I have been allocated a seargent, but cannot get through to him (for the last two days).

Is there anyway I could call my local centre in Swindon, explain the situation and arrange my interview 3 there? Or do I have to remain in the Bristol area now?

Tried searching on the first couple of pages for a similar situation, but couldn't find - apologies as I'm sure this has been posted sometime before.

Why don't you just call capita up explain your situation to them then ask your CSM to organise a new formal interview at your nearest branch. Thus solving the problem. Your not restricted to that one centre, that's like saying I live in Bournemouth and just moved to Scotland but I still have to travel all the way back for a 45 minute interview??!! No. Ring capita seeing as they are the ones that are dealing with your application.

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You can be sponsored by any ACC.....just contact the NRC and give them your new contact details....if they do book an interview at Bristol just politely ask them to change it to Swindon....there's no problems now with the new process.
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