Changing Job Once Joined

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DanBoyes, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. Can anybody let me know if once joined how easy is it to change trade? For example can you go from being a, I don't know ammo tech, to a guardsman? If so how long do you have to have been in your primary chosen trade before doing so and would you have to do the CIC, despite having done Phase 1 basic training?

  2. Hmm?
  3. Oh, we don't know either. I mean, if you want to change from being a missile technician to being a bread making chef, there might be an element of retraining involved.

    But anyway, most soldiers change their trades several times a year, from guardsman to nuclear ammunition development scientist for example. Just think of an interesting job that appeals more to you than your current job and apply for it.

    Good luck!
  4. I once transferred from the SPS to the SBS and all I had to do was change the P to a B on my TRF with permanent marker.
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  5. So it is possible to do a trade change like that then? Do you happen to know if you have to have served your first four years or can you do it whenever? and would you have to redo selection for a different job considering the fitness requirments would be different?
  6. Once you pass Phase 1 you can just slot into any job you want. Air Traffic Controller, Surgeon, Close Protection - just ask your RSM for JSP410.
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  7. Did Ross Kemp headbutt you for doing that?
  8. Sure, most soldiers do it all the time. Just make sure that you apply through your orderly room, your company clerk will give you the forms to fill in. If you have any problems, ask for a Sergeant majors interview.
  9. Even to go to infantry, is it not different for a CIC?
  10. Naaah, mate, anyone'll tell you that once you complete Phase One, you're a combat-ready soldier. If I were you I wouldn't just transfer to Infantry, I'd go fully airborne. As you've already passed Phase One, all you'll need to do is change your beret. Buy yourself some P Company wings and stitch them onto your uniform ASAP.

    Hope this helps.
    24482632 Sgt Hughes, K.
  11. O ok thanks, Do you know what is involved with retraining? and would you have to do ADSC again to be able to move?
  12. Ok thanks for that.

  13. Sprog!
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  14. Nahh, you just leave your old unit on Friday at 5pm and show up at your new one's guardroom at 9am the following Monday.
  15. In fact, if you make your choice within 30 days of passing ADSC, you wont have to do selection or P company, because you are already a fully trained Tom. You can start calling people craphat, as soon as you arrive at your unit of choice.
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