Changing job choice


Hi everyone.

Just passed pre-selection which was alot easier than i thought. 1 1/2 mile run which i did in 10min 40 then jerry can walk.

Had my second interview and sorting out my selection date but was told for my first choice of job combat medic i was looking at the end of the year until can start basic.

I have decided to go with my second choice which i a chef. I had been struggling to chose between the two anyway and would be happy with either job.

My question is why is it chef's get such bad press. Even when i told my recruiter what i wanted to do he took the piss. Althogh my mates and family support they too had a little laugh about it.

If there any serving chef's out there who can tell me whats the job really like and do they get stick off other lads in the army when they find out what job you do.

Thanks everyone.


Doesnt matter what job you will do, you will get stick for it!
Its a squaddie thing trust me.

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