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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Suwit, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. I have recently moved (only about 4 miles away) but im still registered at my old surgery. Do I need to change to a new Doctor from my application to go through? Is it quite a quick process changing Doctors and will this have any impact on my application. I am filling out the application now & have my BARB/1st Interview booked for 2nd August.
  2. When you moved GPs all your records will get sent to the local NHS trust and then get requested by your new GP that can take a while, this might be quicker with it only being four miles away but as a suggestion why dont you stay with your old GP for now whilst you get your RG8 (health Questionairre) when you do your BARB test as it will be easier for your normal GP to fill out the forms. Entirely up to you though but four miles isnt too far to have to go for an appointment and your normal GP will have a better idea on you to write in the RG8.
  3. Thats helped; thanks. Yeah I am intending on staying with my old GP but as Im not in their area I wasn't too sure if I would of eligible to go there. Will they expect me if my address isn't in their area?

    RG8 - is this something I will need to go to the surgery for? How long & how does it work?
  4. Read the stickies on it or even better speak to your Recruiter who will explain it when you do the BARB test.......its a medical form you complete and then give to your GP to complete. You can stay with your GP.
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