Changing corps/regiments in AFC Harrogate

Hi, I just wanted to know is it possible to change your choice of regiment that you want to join even if you've already got a place? And if so could you even switch from Short to Long course and vice versa.

The JOB OFFER letter you sign to say you are happy with your JOB offered to you and unable to change UNLESS the Army wants/needs you to explains it fully. This was introduced 6th April 2010 to stop the ammount of ******* who try and jump the awaiting allocations lists and get a job they don't really want as there are no places left for that specific job. Its also there to stop the ammount of money wasted....there are still the occassional soldiers who manage to transfer once in but it is getting less and less...Do not take the risk on taking a job your not really interested in to get in quicker hoping you can transfer once in training as its like Russian Roulette and your also taking the place of some one who really wants that place and may never get in.

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