Changing Corps/Job Choice??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tucker203, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. I passed selection last month and I am due to start phase 1 in February as a REME VM.
    I've been contemplating wether or not to go in the Royal Engineers instead.
    Is their a certain point when I need to/needed to do this?
  2. I believe it's simple enough to change throughout Ph 1.

  3. dude i'm going vm as well, i was gonna go recovery mech, but changed, when, i saw me start date was not gonna be till april, so decided to change to vm, which is more or less the same, apart from the recovery part.

    to be honest, i am a bit biased about the REME, i knew right from start that this was the corps i was going to join, i dont there was just something that felt right with it, when i was there on a visit. with the REME i think you would go far, i mean, if you start it and you dont like it, you could change it, i mean couldnt you, but i think vm is a job for someone who likes to get they're hands dirty, what do you reckon...?
  4. If you are sure you wish to change to the Engineers, raise the point with the Careers Office staff as soon as possible. They may be able to change your Capbadge before you get to Phase 1.

    Failing that, arrive at Phase 1 as REME, you will meet others who will be in the same trade as you and there will be a few REME instructors floating around, who will be able to advise you on your job choice.

    Assuming that it will be Bassingbourn you will be going to, if you’re still interested in re-allocating to the Engineers, again there are plenty of Staff who will be able to help.

    Capbadge changes are something we do many times on every intake, so it isn’t a problem. We normally want it completed in the first half of the course, but technically there is no cut off, you can request to transfer at almost any point in your career. But the sooner the better.

    If you do want to transfer, it is just a case of speaking to your Troop Staff, writing a short letter giving your reasons and a couple of interviews. The interviews are there to make sure you are making the correct choice and that you are suitable for your chosen trade.

    Acceptance depends on, to name a few, your suitability, Barb Test results, Civvi Quals, GCSE’s and if there are any spaces in your chosen trade. Off the top of my head, most of the RE trades require English and Maths at C grade, for some you may need science at a C and a Barb test of roughly 50 (ish).

    You have not said what trade you wish to do, this is a must. You cannot just say you want to be an Engineer, you will just get Fcuked off. A little research into your job choice will help.
  5. Cheers mate. I'm wanting to go as an Electrician. My BARB test/TST/GCSE's are all ok for it.
    JaneDoe. VM is something I would probably enjoy yes. But not something I feel like making as a career. From my research and talking to people in the RE, the versatility and roles of a RE seems to appeal to me more.
    Good luck as a VM to you though.
  6. you do have a point though...and i mean if you feel strongly about it, then i don't see any reason why you cant switch, when do you start again?
  7. I was the same as you, have now changed from REME VM to RE Fitter.

    Id go see your recruiter now as it may not be as easy to change once your in.

    If your sure REME isnt for you like i was then change. Make sure you get it right before you go in :wink:
  8. Trust me, if you aren't happy change. Joining the Army is no small feat and you have to make sure that you are entirely happy with the job you've picked. You could be doing it for 22 years so chose wisely. I retraded 2 months into a trade course; I was as popular as a fart in a spacesuit with the WO2 in charge of the course but oh well, I'm sure he got over it. I wasn't happy and I couldn't see me doing that trade. I found it bloody boring and it wasn't flicking my switch so I retraded. I have absolutly no regrets about it.
  9. Start at Bassingbourn on the 23rd Feb.
    If I do change job choice, are my start dates likely to change aswell?
  10. most likely, you have to check with your recruiter on that one tho, he would print out some list for you, that's got the trades and their scheduled basic intake. that's how it was for me, before i changed to VM, I mean it is most likely to change. but wot if you, change when your already at bassingbourn like. i mean that makes sense, than for you to wait till another in take date you kn.
  11. I'd rather not leave it till the last minute. The earlier I get it all sorted, the less people get messed around. The worst being I have to wait a little longer to start training.
    I'm willing to endure another month or so at Royal Mail if it means I get to go in as something I'm more passionate about.
  12. tbh on your intake time as you are just one man to load onto courses etc i cant see it being that bad so i doubt they'd change it, the Corps will happily have you do your driving or go into TV troop or on guard after completing phase 2 until your trade course starts. There is no end of carp jobs to do as a youngun at Gib!
  13. Cheers for the replies guys. I'll speak to my AFCO as soon as the careers office opens up again.
  14. good luck though...and hopefully you dont have to wait very long
  15. I changed back in phase1 from REME to RA.... No problems :)