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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Strafe, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi all! I need some help on how to go about changing core, iv just passed out at ATR Lichfield as a sapper in the RE and am goin to gib baracks on sunday to do my combat engineering course, my chosen trade is armoured engineer but the more i think about it the more i want to join a "propper" tank regiment (been lookin at 2RTR) and drive "real" tanks with guns :thumright: instead of crains and winches :thumbdown: but im not sure what i need to do to change or if i realy can at this point?
  2. havent got a clue about the army today but maybe go onto armoured farmers thread and ask s54 he will know and he is 2rtr also try ajax badger cyclops as that is 2rtr thread and janieos old man is on the recruiting team for the rac give it a try sorry cant be of more help been out of rtr for 12 years :thumleft:
  3. Firing CR on the move was once described to me as "65 tons of erection".

    Not sure the same could be said of a combat engineering tractor but I'm sure they have their plus points...
  4. Poor attempt at a WAH!!
  5. The Army are fully signed up to transfers between Regts/Corps. What you should do on arrival at Gib Bks is tell your Sqn Commander that you want to transfer to the RAC/2RTR. They will try and tell you that you should do your training with the RE and experience life as a sapper before considering transferring. However, if you stick to your guns what should happen is that they arrange an attachment for you to an RAC Regt (2RTR) for a period of about 3 months. That attachment allows the Regt to look at you and you to look at the Regt to see if it really is what you want. If all goes well you transfer at the end of the attachment.

    THe only slight problem is that you haven't done Ph2 trg yet so you'll need to push to get transferred to Bovington so that you can do your CR2 D&M course. That way you'll turn up in the RAC as a soldier with a qualification who can be employed, and not just end up sweeping the tank park because you're not qualified to do anything else.

    Bottom line is that if you don't get any joy with your Sqn Commander ask to see the RCMO (Regimental Career Management Officer) who will understand all the subtleties of the process.

    On a personal note 2 RTR are a great regiment to go for - had a fab 16 years with them
  6. If you want to change trades fella, then i think the very first thing you need to do is at least learn how to spell the job title / branch of the army that you may wish to join. Call me old fashioned like, but any prospective employer likes to know that any hopefuls applying for a job at least know what the fcuk his company is called. Summat i always marked folk down for when i was recruiting anyway. After all, you might end up being stuck in some shite-hole in the world courtesy of this CORE. Failing that, good luck mate. :thumright:
  7. PS, I think you can change trades / branches etc before you start phase 2 training, so the best thing would be to mention your desire when you tip up at Gib and see how you get on. I'm ex RTR mate, and i'll be honest, stick with the trade option that you currently have, but hey, if you aint happy now you won't be happy in 3 years time doing your current job. Your life fella, go for whatever you want, then go for your pilot's course :thumleft: Good luck
  8. Get a good trade for civi street with the RE first. Have some fun in the RE and get what you can out of them. Then transfer to 2RTR if you still wish.