Changing 'Chip' details from Germany to UK on Pets

Ladies & Gents

Having recently moved from BFG back to the UK, and working through the list of changing every address under the sun, l have an issue that l was hoping somone may be able to shed light on:

Our Cat, adopted as a kitten in Germany and chipped from Tierheim (Tasso?) is registered to our old German address, however now in the UK clearly this needs to change if the Cat goes AWOL.

Basic research has found differing answers, rechipping at a UK vet being the most dramatic but l'm guessing this isn't a new concept so has anyone else changed address on Dogs / Cats from BFG to UK, and if so, how?

Some of the Chip recognition websites listed on Gooogle ironically do not recognise the chip, l was under the impression that it was EU wide but is it country only? The Cat sailed through (no pun intended) border control, so l wouldn't have thought this was the case?

Thanks in advance

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