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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by StoneAndGlory, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. I wasn't sure where to plant this, but considering I'm in training at the moment, I thought I'd put it here...

    But what are the chances of changing cap badges? I'm currently in phase 2 but so far I'm not enjoying it.. I don't know if it's the lads I'm with or if it's the course but I am looking at the possibility of changing cap badges if things don't improve the next couple of weeks...
  2. Ask for an interview with you Platoon Commander. Explain that you're not enjoying it, and ask if a change of role is possibly.

    Don't go in bleating saying "well some bloke on the internet said...." as you'll get fucked off.
  3. You could buy a new one of flea bay and wear that.
  4. That was going to be my next suggestion :)
  5. What are you in at the moment??? And do you have an idea of what capbadge you want to go to.
    You need to flag this up ASAp as the further you get into your phase 2 the more unlikely you are to beable to transfer as the are spending money trading you up at the moment and wouldnt want to be wasting anymore
  6. Doing my B3 Combat Engineering at gib. Well signals is an option. I'm only in my first week of it, which is why I'm wanting to wait and see. It's also something I need time thinking about as i don't want to make the biggest mistake of my life...
  7. Can you remember a certain JOB OFFER LETTER you signed prior to attestation ( theyve been going since April 6th 2010) On there it states you will not be able to change jobs once started Phase 1 unless the Army wants you to.

    The only thing you can do is speak to the CofC and see what they say but it is extremely unlikely now.
  8. I remember the letter, however I dont want to be stuck in an environment or job I may not enjoy...
  9. Why don't you wait to see what your trade training is like?
  10. Im just not as happy as I want to be... I struggle with a lot of the physical side of training and because of that I just don't feel the motivation. The lads I'm with also don't always seem to have time for me, and it gets me thinking,"is this the right choice?" I enjoy being in the army, and often the lads and I have good laughs, it's just mostly when I'm pushed to go through the hard times that I begin to feel like I'm on my own. Which is why I want to look at different cap badges as maybe things might change along with the cap badge.
  11. If you are struggling with the physical side get to the gym and stay off the pies, simples.
  12. I'm not much of a pie eater... i.e fat. Quite the opposite actually. And gym would be a good idea, but the course is busy as **** at the moment and doesn't accommodate for it.
  13. If you want something enough youll find the time for the gym.On another note what makes you think you'll enjoy another trade if you did manage to rebadge
    Personally i think you need to man up and get through your phase 2 if you can manage that(unlikely with your present whinging attitude) then see what your trade is like and what its like when you get to your unit.The grass isnt allways better/easier on the other side of the fence .In fact sometimes it can be a lot lot worse ..MUWP!!!

    Ps start eating some pies there great for morale!!!
  14. Ask your training team if you can go see the PSO. He will get you to write a letter saying why you want to transfer and what to ect. In Gib he is above TV troop.

  15. your not supposed to be happy, your in the bloody army!!!
    stick with it son all training is shite, things change when you get to a battalion and you get treated like an adult.

    as for the blokes your with not having anytime for you, dont you think that they are in the same boat as you and have their own problems.

    i think its time to man up, quit whinging and get on with it.
    boots and guts mate, boots and guts