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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by HeXiD, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. So i've been in the Signals a few years now, but the job i have doesnt interest me.

    How difficult is it to change cap badge from signals to Royal Engineers or R.E.M.E ?
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    I can't see it being that difficult. Just be aware that if you do transfer over to the Sappers, you're not steered towards being stuck in a CIS/C3S/Sigs Troop, or whatever they are being called that week.
  3. i know i will get bashed for asking, but whats a CIS/C3S/Sigs troop... I'm guessing its some kind of rad op ?
  4. Are you sure you are in the right thread? I think you should be in the thickest squaddie thread.
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  5. We dont want you in the REME, **** you could end up at my location!

    I suggest someone with your brains should try for 49 Para Reg.
    They will take you and you can do your best for them.
    Just ask your Company OC you want 49 para and your as good as in.

    Good luck.
  6. Signalers in the Royal Engineers are currently considered a Pinch Point Trade (we don't have Rad Ops, we have Heating and Plumbing Engineers), so if you don't mind continuing sitting in a tent and fluffing 0A's doss bag you might be in luck..........

    As for:

    I totally agree................
  7. How difficult it is to change in general depends on whether your cap badge is pinned or sewn on.
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  8. If you hadn't noticed theres a thing in the news at the moment about redundancies and Corps having to lose x number of tradesmen. Id be very wary at the moment trying to all new Applicants joining they are all signing a Job Offer letter stating they can't change unless the Army decides they need them to...back in the real world you may find that those soldiers who try and blackmail the system and say im leaving unless you let me transfer are just told to sign off and shown the door (as in the many of cases of those who signed off on JPA and then tried to change there minds). As the tranches of redundancies are coming out and they dont get enough volunteers who do you think will be first on the list ...those who aren't happy in their jobs. Yes you may hear of the odd few still managing to transfer but its getting a smaller unless you like to join the civvy strasse jobless list then be careful what you wish for......the grass isn't always greener.
  9. thx for the info, i'll ask in some other places to see whats actually available, or just keep my head down for a couple more years and see if the current situation changes.

    as for the bashers, eodmatt and fltpilot i wont rise to it as arguing over the internet is like taking part in the special olympics, even if you win you're still a retard ;)
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  10. What trade are you now, and what units have you served with since leaving Blandford?
  11. So, if you are an amputee because of illness or a mine strike in theatre, you are a retard?

    I know who I would rather class one.
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  12. I think you'll find that should be 'special' olympics, you retard. Just how the fcuk did you get in a technical corps and why would any other fcuker want you in there's is beyond me.
  13. So people in wheelchairs are retards ?

    Well as a wheelchair user who got med discharged after GW1 I have one thing to say to you:

    Kiss my MF @ss and grow up !
  14. As an ex Corps Member I will apologise to all our other Members on your behalf, you are a disgrace to 'Jimmy'
    and the Corps will be better off without **** off back down the shit-hole from whence you came.
  15. HeXiD clearly lacks the the maturity, wit or wisdom that one would ordinarily associate with a soldier who has potential. With that in mind, could I repectfully suggest he may like to consider a transfer to National Car Parks or perhaps Clampers R Us, it's my experience they tend to attract those at the lower end of the evolutionary chain.