Changing Broadband provider!!!!!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Onetup3, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. Currently with Tiscali for broadband and decided to change to BT. All the bumph I could find says that I could expect to experience a loss of broadband on the day of changeover for up to two hours. I went through the procedure of generating a MAC code which I duly passed to BT. Since then Tiscali have frozen my account denying me access to e-mails/internet! This has happened 7 days in advance of the changeover. Contacted Tiscali and told tough, that is the procedure! BT can't help either, with an earlier start date, engineer booking etc.

    Is this legal? Any ideas out there on how can I get either my broadband back or revenge on Tiscali?
  2. Mate, Tiscali are the worst copany I have ever dealt with. After failing to provide me with broadband 6 weeks after the direct debit started going out I cancelled because their customer sevice was so poor. Every time I rang up they could not understand what I on about, quite simple really, I wasn't receiving internet access. 12 months after cancelling I had a letter come through from a debt collection agency saying I owed Tiscali £26! I phoned and asked what this was for and apparantly it was for the phone bill but when I cancelled my internet I cancelled the whole package- phone as well. After endless arguing with them I ended up paying still to find to this day they have still barred my phone from outgoing calls- 18 months later!!!!!

    I hope Tiscali staff all get infected with AIDS and die a slow and horrible death, I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
  3. According to Which magazine Tiscali is one of the lowest on their list for
    Broad band customer satisfaction their best being Globalnet or Waitrose
    (which has a free internet helpline) and Zen internet which only ties you in a month at a time with no cancellation fee i'm considering switching to one of these myself.
    According to Ofcom under regulations introduced in FEB 2007 it stipulates that your ISP must issue your MAC free of charge within five days of your request here is the link you may be able to complain to them hope itworks out ok
  4. Waitrose has a free technical helpline too
  5. As already said by others, Tiscali, in my experience are one of the worst Broadband suppliers .... ever.

    Personally I wouldn't expect to loose broadband at all if I changed ISPs, not even for a couple of hours. I have changed about 4 or 5 times so far and have never had an outage.

    Line goes dead from old ISP, I reprogram my router with new ISP details which I have received in advance, internet up and running again.

    If you are currently up to date with your payments then, as far as I would be concerned, they have no justification whatsoever to stop your service until the termination date. You have paid for a sevice and they are actively denying you access to that service.

    If it is a procedure its is Tiscalis own procedure (not a standard requirement) and therefore another reason to petrol bomb their head offices.

    I would rather use pigeons than Tiscali. Oh, and point for anyone else, Hotchilli Internet are just as bad for customer service. So anyone that is thinking of switching check that you aren't using them either. They do redistribute under several different names aswell ... adsl4less being one of them. I am currently trying to get away from them, 1 month so far and I still havent had my MAC (thread on customer service website is currently 19 posts long going back and forth between me and them). Telephone support is useless and you cant understand a word they say anyway (and they can't understand you half the time either). Currently telling me they wont supply my MAC until I tell them who I am switching to, they will then send the MAC direct themselves !!!
  6. From my own experiance, i run a BT line and Sky 3 in 1. I have no problems with any service and currently believe this to be one of the better setups.

    Helps that i have the exchange in front of my house as well :)
  7. Had similar problems attempting to escape from AOL, all I can say is, good luck and get some 'stress relief' in the form of alcohol/chocolate/anything you fancy as a diversion.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I am looking to leave BT, as their ADSL - while reliable - is VERY expensive. We are about 2 miles from the exchange, so 2Meg is the best we can get, and have no option of cable (box is across the road, but the basturds won't connect us).

    Any suggestions as to a decent, reliable, and cheap ADSL/land line supplier? Recommendations always help!

  9. in the form of a **BUMP**

    Currently looking to get internet at home, yes i know living in the dark ages etc, not looking to take over world so limited access req. Picked up "Home Broadband from Orange" which seems to cover the requirements of internet access, keep existing number and inclusive eve & weekend calls for Mrs bigRed.

    Any comments from the learned members of ARRSE as to who is the best provider? Already got the hint about AOL & Tiscali.
  10. Ive moved back to BT has Ive found the cheaper options to be nothing but trouble, Id rather pay the extra o get a better service. I was with tiscali, vodaphone and orange and not stopproblems and intermittant internet. Switched to BT and never had a fault at any MQ as the others always blamed it on the BT line interferance and had me on hold for hours.

    Might be an idea to tell BT your wanting to leave and they may give you some deal or reduce price to stay.

    I just did it with Sky+ and said I was going to leave them after 15 years of paying the full whack so theyve reduced my payments by £15 a month for next three months with possibilities of furher discounts if i stay with them.
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Have a look at and see if you are in a region covered by BE/02 Broadband.

    They have just dropped their prices for ADSL2+ (upto 24Mb download) from £24 pcm to £18 pcm, and they are now rock solid.

    The abovge link will show you all suppliers available in your area.
  12. i recently signed up with talktalk broadband but am finding the service to be pathetic. My connection speed is woeful and all the tests i have tried it has failed miserably.

    Whenever i have called their technical suport department they answer quite promptly which is good. However i have been put through to an Indian adviser who i struggle to understand and i am not sure they even understand me. They have assured me on 7 occasions now that the problem will be resolved but although there has been a small improvement it is nowhere near to the product i signed up for.

    i only signed the contract in september and have 12 months to go with a substandard service.

    What are my options here? Can i change provider in these circumstances without penalty?
  13. I think they will charge you for the remainder of the contact or if Im rememebering right Wanadoo/Orange was going to charge me 3 months to transfer whilst under contract. You will probably find out theyll distrupt your service as much as possible aswell before you finish. As said Id rather pay a little extra for a decent service (finar finar) :wink:
  14. If customer service is important to you stay well away from ADSL4Less and any other provider associated with Hotchilli Internet (based in Chelmsford). They have the worst customer support I have ever had the misfortune to have to deal with.

    I have just switched to Virgin who are currently offering 'up to' 8Mb with phone calls included for £10 per month. This is only valid for the first year but I have no intention of staying with them longer than that.

    Another place to look for info is

    Had a look at your link Gremlin, looks good but I suspect it doesn't show all suppliers. I say that because my current ADSL supplier (Virgin) is not listed when I check my area ! Its always good to get info from multiple sources though, so would suggest to everyone to shop around.