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Hi there currently serving at unit in the army and looking to potentially change branches moving from army to navy. Apart from talking to my oc/co what are the steps? will I have to leave the army before finding out if I have a place at basic in the navy etc? What forms is it I need from the RMCO saw a thread somewhere can't find it again thanks to all that help with the info.


Whilst I cannot comment on the process being blue for the last 30 years, I can say that the grass is not necessarily greener in the Andrew. I have had the pleasure of 2 ex reme chaps working for me on board in the last 6 months and they both consider the Army the easier option!

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Cheers things don’t come easy in life, you got to work hard for the things you want in life and this is what I want. :)

What job in the Navy do you want to do? All starts with filling in an Army transfer application and submitting to your RCMO. You won't have to leave the Army prior to transferring. I personally know two Soldiers who have successfully transferred to the RN in recent years.
looking to potentially change branches moving from army to navy.

We are NOT a branch......

Harrumphs into the August 1982 edition of Navy News....
Go to top of page.

Look for, then click 'Navy Net' box.

When site opens, click on 'What's new'.

Read all about someone doing that transfer thing right now - unless of course it's the OP.

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