Changing back (ARRSE app)

How do I change the participated/unread lists to back how they used to be?

Sent from my iPod touch using ARRSE so excuse random "spellchecking"
I've got the same problem on the iPhone app. It is annoying to say the least. To expand for the benefit of others if it's an isolated bug:

When accessing the "Latest" menu, instead of getting the "Unread", "Participated" or "All" posts in chronological order we get a list of forum names in alphabetical order. It then is a pain to search for the thread you want to find. We've effectively got two forum search functions instead of a latest post search function.

Haven't tried deleting the app then reinstalling it as I'm bone idle.
Ah hang on! Up where it says 'unread', touch the lower part of the tab, as if it was split in two horizontally!
Try tapping the unread tab anyway... I can switch between the two
I found out by accident when it annoyed me so I was poking it to teach it a lesson :-D

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