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Morning All,

Following me being convicted on Wednesday,Click Here for Original Thread (12 month ban £200.00 fine) I have a question on changing Arms.

I initially wanted to join the Royal Engineers so that I would have a skill I could use in the outside world when my body gave out on Army Life.

Having spoken with my AFCO about this they have advised me that I can only join the Infantry for the next five years (I felt that they seemed more intent on getting people to join where they want you as apposed to seeing if there was anyway they could get me where I wanted to be). Now if the Infantry is the only option available to me it is the one I am going to take. My only concern is that after however many years I serve the Army will spit me out and I'll have no skills an employer would be looking for.

Will I have the option to learn a trade with the Infantry while not on a tour or is all of the time spent on Infantry Training. Aditionally how difficult would it be to transfer to the Royal Engineers when my conviction is spent.

I would appreciate any comments, abusive or otherwise.

Steel City
There are many skills that you can pick up through the Infantry - security being just the tip of the iceberg. However, if you do 6 years then you are entitled to resettlement (a lump of cash to get you through trade courses) and there are guys that will guide you through getting trade qualifications.

So, at worst you will have security skills, at best you can gain all sorts of skills through the infantry, AND get cash to train as whatever you want.

I work for the resettlement guys - we place guys from the Infantry in everything from security (some are VERY well paid) jobs, through to windsurfing instructors, plumbers and so on.
Before you do anything, get a 2nd opinion. As everyone knows, the AFCO isn't always correct.

Did they say why you cannot get into the RE? Is it because all the RE trades require you to drive? In that case, what about other trades? Quite clearly, the Infantry is not your first choice and if you are not going to get your first choice, then you might as well look at everything.

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