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Looking for a bit confirmation more than anything on here. Basically im all ready to join after getting a B grade at selection although my chosen job choice was Royal Engineers-carpenter & joiner but unfortunately there are no intakes at present. However, after visiting the careers office today I was told that if I was maybe to join the Royal Engineers as a military engineer-resources specialist I could ask for a trade change about a year after conpletion of phase 2. If this is the case, will I definately be garuanteed to change to carpenter & joiner? My hearts not really set on the resources specialist job you see, so dont want to join up for a minimum of 4 years doing a job that I probably wouldnt really enjoy? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as im eager to get into the army. Cheers!
No you arent guaranteed changing trades once in....did your Recruiter also mention you will be signing a JOB OFFER letter in front of HIM before you attest stating that you are going in as a RE Resource Specialist and very unlikely of changing once in. You have to think what you want more getting in the RE and being stuck with a job you dont like and binning it soon after when you can't change trades or biding your time. Like I say ask him about the JOB OFFER letter and also ask him to sign a letter to say that Your Recruiter GUARANTEES you can change trades once in...and see his reaction.
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