Changing a job choice during Basic, sorry.

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Dear Arrsers,

I have just got off the phone to a friend of mine whom is in week 3 of basic, he wants to change his job choice and doesn't want to ask and look like a prick. I told him I didn't know and that he was a cunt.

However I promiced to save his weak, feeble soul and ask for an answer on arrse.

Can he? Can't he? No wah!

[edit, my search is fooked, apparently google says it's forbidden, so there]
Yes, get him to tell his CPL who will tell his PL SGT who will tell the Platoon commander and the wheels will start moving, many interviews will follow as to why (s)he wants to change jobs/capbage and a decision will be made.

Well that's what happened when i did it, and i never looked back* :(

*why, dear f*cking god why did i change
If hes had is first interview with his Coy/Sqn OC he'll have to wait till week 11 (IIRC) for the next change window. Plt/Tp staff are the people to ask , its what theyre there for (and shouting at you). I think trade is easier to change than corp , if that makes any difference to you.
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