Changing a Facebook status

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pitswamper, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. At least it was something original and not hit 'like' if you want to save the fucking whales.
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  2. 'Like if you wish cancer had cancer' makes me want to harm kittens.

    Anyone who puts things like that up deserves fucking baw cancer. The ginormous cunts.
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  3. Did he tag the wife in the photo?

    Sent via Crayola, using the red crayon
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  4. There some pretty fucked up people in the world.....facebook users..aka attentio seeking twats.
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  5. Yeah, social media users are right cunts!...Errrrrr.
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  6. What's facebook?
    Is it a book of portrait pictures?

  7. It's the modern equivalent of the garden fence where gossip is swapped, opinions, often wrong, are voiced and like minded folk 'gather' to while away their lives.
    Like ARRSE but sadder.
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  8. Anyone who uses the internet is a grade-a cunt.

    I'm glad I don't.
  9. There's only one explanation for everything which happens in FL : "Well, it's Florida isn't it?"

  10. So you're a grade-b cunt then?
  11. Now, now. Don't be hard on the lad.

    He's a C grade cunt at most
  12. I've never graded cunts before, other than, fishy,scabby,waffle,doss bag,echo chamber etc.
  13. *BANG*

    'Derek Medina is now single.'

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