Changing a Facebook status

At least it was something original and not hit 'like' if you want to save the fucking whales.
'Like if you wish cancer had cancer' makes me want to harm kittens.

Anyone who puts things like that up deserves fucking baw cancer. The ginormous cunts.
What's facebook?
Is it a book of portrait pictures?

Anyone who uses the internet is a grade-a cunt.

I'm glad I don't.
I've never graded cunts before, other than, fishy,scabby,waffle,doss bag,echo chamber etc.
It's the modern equivalent of the garden fence where gossip is swapped, opinions, often wrong, are voiced and like minded folk 'gather' to while away their lives.
Like ARRSE but sadder.
Like ARRSE but sadder......... how dare you nothing is sadder than ARRSE
I confess I use FB to keep in touch with far-flung and numerous friends, kids and grandkids (many of them legitimate) and inevitably have to plough through the posts of their friends - quite a few of them morons. But I must remember that Facebook is NOT ARRSE and not make a) 'tasty with a BBQ sauce' type comments on endless pics of 'ickle kitties' b) point out the idiocy of Guardianistas at one end of the political spectrum and Daily Hate readers at the other and c) post 'bollocks' (or words to that effect) to comment on the 'wunnerfal and inspiring' septic-originating posters on friendship, "Jesus wants you for a sunbeam' and other tree-hugging shite. The up side is that many of my adult grandchildren's female friends are pretty lush - and sorry chaps, persec prevents me from posting pics, even if I was technically able.
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