Changes to vehicle headlight policy.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by MotorBrowser, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. As from 1 March 2008 you will no longer be allowed flat-beam headlights when you BFG your car - you will have to have full European spec lights (these have a right-hand 'kick' when placed against a headlight analyser).

    If your vehicle is currently BFG-registered and fitted with UK headlights with a mechanical beam converter (for example most Xenon headlights) that only creates a flat beam then you will be required to change your lights to European lights before the next required light test or the vehicle will fail the test.

    Full policy details provided by UKSC(G) Equipment Support Branch are available through BFGNet on or the Command Information Portal under the information link.
  2. Does some body cough up the ackers for this or is it another thing absorbed into the X factor?

    Also - how long can you drive in the UK with RHS-adjusted lights?

    No doubt another EU directive that everybody will ignore apart from us.

    Thanks very much indeed for the steer though - I'm not shooting the messenger!
  3. I believe you cannot fail the UK MOT with LH Drive headlights fitted as long as you have a beam deflector fitted.
  4. Does some body cough up the ackers for this or is it another thing absorbed into the X factor?

    Unfortunately you'll be required to replace the lights at your cost. If you’re planning to purchase a car with flat-beam headlights, this may well be an extra cost you'd like to take into consideration.

    For those who'll need to change you can check out the replacement price HERE.

    How long can you drive in the UK with RHS-adjusted lights?

    Right hand dip headlights can be temporarily altered for use in the UK by fitting masks or converter kits which remove the beam kick up to the right, a long term solution is to replace your existing lights. Your local dealer will be able to assist I’m sure.
  5. yet another crap change by someone in JHQ with more money than sense.
    What is wrongg with flat beamed headlights!!!!!!
  6. You will fail the UK MOT unfortunately, unless you have the RH h/lights fitted. Beam deflectors are a temporary measure not legal in the long term.
  7. This is only the next step in the looooong range plan to get the UK to conform with the EU and drive on the proper (right) side of the road.

    All this indivduality will be done away with and you WILL comply. Resistance is futile..
  8. IIRC In the 70s-80s you had to buy European headlights straight away if your car was coming from the UK or UK headlights if you brought your car in Europe as there was no such thing as flat beams and deflectors were not allowed on TUV or MOT.

    I stand to be corrected though
  9. You are right but that was back in the days when a set of headlights was sort of expensive but not like now where a set of Xenon filled fully sealed superduper lights cost nearly the same as a whole car.
  10. err nope you can pass the uk mot with european lights fitted and a convertor kit
    'Right hand dip headlamps can be temporarily altered for use in the UK by fitting masks or converter kits which remove the beam 'kick-up' to the right.

    A headlamp altered in this way is not a reason for rejection, if

    a. the headlamp aim is not rejected for the reasons listed under diagram 1 (except that the top of the beam image will be a straight line)

    b. the light output is not unduly
    reduced - not usually a problem with commercially produced kits

    c. the mask or converter is securely attached'

    taken from mot manual on
  11. The German MOT allows flat headlights, I think someone who helped implement this policy has a deal with someone who sells headlights in BFG!
  12. What a shocker more bilge from BFG thank god I am a civi now. There's the blokes crying out for more support on ops and somebody is more interested in bloody headlights I ask you!!!!!!
  13. My Italian import GPZ900R has been passing MOT's with the help of a triangle of black nasty for the last 12 years!......
  14. I think there are conflicts of items, most cars today have clear lenses, these are altered by moving the lamp orientation, these are the ones that have to have the kick. However LHD headlamps have to have a reduction on the drivers side so the light beam on a beam analyser dips toward the drivers side.
    Old style headlamps with flutes cannot be altered this way, you have to change the lens.
    International traffic law states that lights must not be altered in any way. The comeupance of that is that beam deflectors, bits of tape, paint are all illegal no matter where you are.
    That means that whilst the joe at the garage "MAY" give your car a MOT, CT, German ticket etc does not make it anymore legal.
    So have a look at you handbook, and the lights. If they are clear then moving the lamp may be all you need.
  15. Surely a flat beam head light will fall foul of (a) as the top of the beam image WILL be a straight line, hence why its called flat beaming?